leica bino range finders any users reply


Jan 16, 2010
Billings, Montana
looking at leica rangefinding binos. 10/15 by 56. any one use them? how far out will they range? they dont seem to have a setup for determining shooting down or uphill. do you think its necessary? i live in mt and do a lot of long range hunting.
I sold my swaro range finder and bought a pair of Lieca 10x42 Geovids HD and could not be happier. I seem to be able to range to 1400 no problem, and further if the conditioins are perfect. Great product, one of the few items I own I would have a real hard time parting with.
thanks for the info. its hard to justify the price tag when you dont know much about the product. have you had ranging problems up or downhill? going elk hunting in the bitterroots here in mt. i will probably have to take that type of shot.
Rag man, you most likely are going to need to adjust for angle, more the steeper angle. 500 @ 45 DEGREE is about a 350 yard shot , but alot of variables add up the further you shoot, I suggest you do a search and read up, after that I PRACTICE shooting in canyon type shots , which is easy where I live.
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