Leica 1600 B Questions


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Aug 25, 2012
NW Minn
Those who have the Leica 1600/1600 B, what are your likes/dislikes of the range finder?
Does the "shoot to" range calculation work well?
Does it range accurately in various conditions ( overcast, sunny, various terrain)?
Does the sun/ snow cover effect its performance?
Does it work well in colder climates, below 0* F temps?

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Sam Aspacher

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Aug 24, 2012
I bought a 1600-b about three weeks ago. Pretty solid rangefinder but still has some major kinks to be worked out. Optics are superv. Ranging capability is very good. Software needs some work. That said, I returned it recently.
I am primarily a bowhunter. The only function I planned to use was the EHR Define by Leica as "Equivelent Horizontal Distance". After noticing yardage being cut when ranging targets at 0 degrees(perfectly horizontal), I read through the manual and found a note that said even the "EHR" funtion "comphensated" for temperature and Station pressure. Why they would do that and how it comphensates for them I do not know. What it doesnt say anywhere on the box or manual is that it only works from 100-875 yards. Again, no Idea why they would make it this way. Pretty much worthless to a bowhunter.
I also noticed the charts that illustrate the different ballistic curves dont have a sight in temperature, alltittude, baro, ect. so depending on the conditions that you sight in at and measure your "curve" the rangefinder could be comphensating the wrong way or you could select the wrong curve all together. Just not the one for me. Hope this helps you decide -Sam


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Jul 16, 2007
thought I had lost my older leica 1200 scan range finder, so tried both the new 1000 and 1600 leica's. Took both back and started shopping for a used 1200 scan. they just work better, found one and then (you guessed it) found my "lost" one. so gave/lent other to friend of mine .
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