Left Hand 20 degree base


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Mar 28, 2008
Can anyone tell me where to find a long range base for a Remington 700 Long Action left hand. My son in law needs one and already has Leupold rings so preferrably one that will take those rings. If not whatever would work. Thanks
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the suggestion for EGW is a wise one. I have two of their bases on my guns and had no installation problems at all

Good Luck

Don't bother with their LH bases. The right hand ones work just fine.

The difference is very small. So small, you'd really have to look hard to tell.
Not that I'm a lefty but, what's the difference between left or right? I'm guessing it's the cut out on the base and depends on which side the rifles ejection port is on?
I don't know about all brands of bases, but on some the port clearances interfere with extraction. Last time I talked to the people at Nightforce they said their bases were now machined to be ambidextrous. I would think most manufacturers would all be doing the same.

Check with your supplier, they should be able to tell you.

Here's the difference on an EGW. It's a bevel cut on the LH side. Maybe about 1/8". I don't see why they waste their time. I have RH bases on all of my LH guns. They function just fine.

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