lee perfect powder and scale VS. hornaday digital

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    Aug 18, 2013
    Dumb question of the day. I have a small hornaday digital scale I have been using. I recently purchased a kit from lee that has the perfect powder measure and a pendelum scale as well. The perfect powder measure conversion says calibrate it to (insert setting here) and the lee pendelum scale backs it up exactly. But the hornaday digital scale I was using before reads heavier. The hornaday at 56.0 grains is 55.2 on the lee system. What is more accurate? I recently sent my scope to leupold with load data determined using the hornaday digital scale. but if I want to use the lee system going forward I need to account for the difference or my load will be hotter and my FPS at the muzzle will change, thus effecting the scope.
    The trouble here is if the lee system is accurate and the little hornaday is off I left ALOT on the table in terms of powder and velocity. (Unless of course my groups spread) but if they do not I could gain quite a bit of velocity by going with the lee scale. It will give me essentially almost 2 full grains to work with.
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    You need a check weight. RCBS has a set of weights of exact weight that you use to verify you scales. midwayusa.com has them and they cost $30.49 Product # 493-216

    It has been my experience, which has been limited, with the Lee powder scale that it is CRAP.

    You can take a match bullet like the Sierra 168 gr 30 cal and weigh it. They are very consistent and will not be more than 1 tenth of a grain if that much off 168 grs.