Leatherwood update


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Oct 7, 2003
Lizton, IN
Someone wanted an update when I got to use my Leatherwood, so here goes.
The specific scope is a Leatherwood In-Liner mounted on my T/C Omega (hence the in-liner name!).
After some issues with the gun resulting in pillaring and bedding the gun myself, I finally got down to testing the scope. It took some ammo, but I have the auto-rangefinding system set so I am about 2 inches low at 200 yards and dead on at 300 yards. I used setting "1" for 200 and "2" for 300; if the load is accurate "3" will be for 400. I did this because my particular load (200gr SST over 110 gr FFg 777) shoots too flat for the scope to go 100-300 as perscribed.
I like the scope. Optics are good, though I admit I'm not used to $700 optics or anything. The ranging base makes the scope a little higher than I like to shoot, but I'm dealing with it. The adjustment rings required some cleaning and oiling before they worked well, and are likely difficult to work in cold weather with gloves. However, with a laser rangefinder in hand and this scope I don't feel I should ever shoot over or under a deer again.
While I plan to use the cam system to set the scope for the range given by my rangefinder, I don't plan to use the auto-ranging function in the scope. It looks to be of excellent functionality, but, like mil-dots, it requires being able to line up very steadily to take measurements on the animal. The laser is much quicker (and more accurate).
Not sure I'd put one on high power, but I like it on the frontstuffer.

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