Leatherwood Scopes

This is hilarious. I just logged on to post this same question.
Last night I mounted an IN-liner Leatherwood on my muzzleloader. I found that the combination of adjustment rings were packed very tightly together and turned very hard. So hard than when I disengaged the front two from the back two to go into "manual mode", I had to wedge the stock between my legs and torque them with both hands to get them to turn! I'm hoping I'm missing something, otherwise it's a poor design.
I emailed technical support and am awaiting a reply. Other than that, it looks like a good scope.
I emailed them and got a response within 3 hours. They said disassemble and clean/oil the ring assembly, and that it was normal for it to be tight before breaking in. I cleaned/oiled it, which pulled a decent amount of dirt and apparently a few metal shavings out. After reassembling and working them around for half an hour in front of the TV, it doesn't work half bad any more...no stiffer than other new scopes I've had.
Now we'll see how it shoots!
Leatherwood Scopes are 100% made in China (no Japanese parts), just thought I would let you know.

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