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Jan 4, 2004
Western Colorado
I tried out my Newcon LRM 1500 this morning in a light snow. I ranged a boulder at 496 yds. several times, and a couple of clumps of willow bushes aroung 300. It would not range anything, even a house or a bus at what I would guess to be 6-700, and it would not range a stop sign at around 200. Is this due to the snow? After reading quite a bit on this site I gather the Leica, which I was originally going to buy, is favored, but doesn't necessarily range any better than the Bushnells. I was able to find little on the Newcon, but what I did find sounded favorable. This is the first time I've touched a laser range finder. Comments please.
After reading quite a bit on this site I gather the Leica, which I was originally going to buy, is favored, but doesn't necessarily range any better than the Bushnells. <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Just Depends on who you talk to about that. I have a Leica 1200 and every time I used it this last hunting season I never had a problem hitting 1200 to 1225yds snow or not
Leica announced a pair of binocs (8-42 and 10-42) with a built in laser that is supposed to be rated to 1200 yards. Not cheap but would simplify life a bunch if they work well.
I just received a press release on them from their agency - not sure where a person might find them.

You could check out and look for the Geovid 8x42 BRF or the Geovid 10x42BRF. The distance capability is actually 1300 yards according to the literature.

Weight is 31.75 ounces, Dimensions are Length-6.9" Width-6.3" Height-2.6". They have one operating button and a scan mode. They will close focus in to 18.4'. List price is 1800 U.S., that would be about two and one half wheelbarrows of Canadian dollars.
Ian, i could not find them on the Leica-Camera link you provided. Do you have a # for the agency you talked about that you can post ? Thanks, Bill.
the leicas that i have used put the bushnell rangefinders to shame,i have the bushnell my buddy has the leica,he can range things in all kinds of conditions past lucky to get readings at 600yds. in good conditions.i have heard the same about the bushnells from other people as well.i try to borrow the leica whenever i can-lol-my-2-dave
i had the bushnell 800 and gave it up for the leica 1200- mainly for range. i was pleased with the 800 for the price, but needed more than 800yds, and figured i might as well go with the leica. however, as far as clearity, i must say that the leica is the clearist thing i've ever looked thru. depends upon how much you're in to it. the 800 worked fine, but the 1200 is definitely better, no comparison.

Well santa did bring me the bushnell 800(asked questions on a post here before x-mas), I was able to range a doe at 374yds before the season went out(dialed up 4moa and smoked her
) I can also range trees and such to 762yds. I haven't been anywere to range anything farther that that. I think they will work ok until I become proficient to 800 then I will look for the Leica. I could not gather enough info to get the newcon.
Best of luck.
I have byp 1000 i can only get trees out to about 600 on sunny days and 800 at night, but it works really well off of cars/trucks ive range out to 1600 yards off of them during sunny days.

The part about cars and trucks that the laser likes is anything reflective... license plates are a favorite for ranging. If you need to routinely neeed to range "extra" distances place reflective tape or pieces of old license plates in the field..really adds range to a laser.
Well i post my experience once again to hopefully steer someone in the right direction:

One day at the williamsport 1000 yard range i compared my 800 leica to a bushnell 1000yd owned by Melvin Lentz (lumberjack on the TV competitions)

The leica stomped the bushy in every situation

&gt;pine tree at 700yds- no read on bushy (in direct sun or shade

&gt;rock pile at 830 - same result, sun and shade

I'll stick with my leica--i just wish i would have waited for the 1200.

BTW-on a cloudy afternoon i ranged a man sixed stump at 972yds consistantly! yes with the 800 yard Leica.


EDIT--their seems to be a big variance in the bushnells--some work spectacular to 1200yds, some 600 or less, but with leica your chances are much better of getting a good one than with bushnell.

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