Kimber 84 light primer strikes

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    Sep 29, 2010
    I recently bought a Kimber Montana 84 in .308 It had light strike issues and the guy I bought it from sent it back to Kimber and they declared it "fixed". I took it out for the first time a couple weeks ago and found it to be very accurate with my hand loads, but it would not ignite the primer on a fairly consistent basis. I have fired these loads without fail in a Ruger and primer depth was where it should be. Since Kimber had adjusted the protrusion of the firing pin to .055, depth was not the problem.

    So I ordered a Wolff heavy duty spring and when it arrived I took it to my smith to have him install it and he learned that it's diameter was too large to fit inside the bolt assembly (Kimber has made two different internal sized bolts). He called Wolff and they only manufacture the "larger" diameter spring. Not to be daunted my smith decided to machine a bushing to "compress" the factory spring thus applying more strike force. In the end, the results are very noticeable. The primer dent is now like every other rifle I own, big and solid and the strike even sounds different. I have tried to show you a before (left) and after (right) picture below. The difference in person is remarkable. So if you are fighting light strikes in your Kimber, you can send your bolt to him and he will get things right for you for $59 and a day turn around. PM me for mailing instructions.