Kahles 3-9x42TDS vs. IOR 2.5-10x42MP-8


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Sep 23, 2003
I am looking for a new scope to put on my .270. I want to use this for mainly deer hunting and want to work up to being able to shoot up to 500-600 yards with a clean kill. I know this will take practice. I am leaning toward the kahles, but want some more opinions. I have looked through the kahles and thought the quality was excellent. I don't know of anyone or anyplace close to look through an IOR. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
I went with the IOR 2.5-10x42 tacticle scope, with the MP 8 reticle.

I also thought the Kahles had very nice optics. But, overall the IOR is really the cats ***, with better, (for ranging), game and varmints out past 500 yds or so..sakofan..The Kahles is a nice piece as well..
Agree on the IOR with the NP-8 reticle.

also Chris Gilchrest of Red Mountain Optics in NC (distributor for IOR) is offering discounts on IOR to Int. Benchrest Shooters (IBS) members. Contact him at [email protected] or (919) 477-0550 for details. I do not remember what the discount was for each scope.

Thanks for the replys! BH, i am not a IBS member but i appreciated the info. I have been hunting awhile, but just getting into a little longer range hunting and target shooting. I'm still debating on the scopes, i know the IOR is probably more presice with mills, but it is tough desiding when i haven't ever seen one, just what i have seen on their sight. I wish i had the money to buy both!
Thanks again!

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Well if you decide and the discout is good enough, you can join IBS for $40 a year and $36 of that 40 goes to the Precision Shooting magazine subscription. Might save you some $ and give you subscription to Precision Shooting mag.

beleive me when I say that the discount Chris offers is well more than enough to offset the IBS membership. His prices he quoted me were GREAT. Call him if you are thinking of buying one,..he's a straight shooter.
If I decide on the IOR I will give him a call. I have looked a a bunch of different websites and impact guns had the lowest price of $569.99 shipped. I still am not set on which one yet, though.
Thanks for the reply and info!!!!
Trent, I tried to email,and PM you as well.

I want to qualify this statement by saying, that I have never dealt with impact guns.

BEWARE, and make sure,if you buy from them, that you get the real IOR's and not some other Europtics stuff.

Iam just telling you for your info...No ax to grind with those guy's at all..Good choice..sakofan..

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I have a Swarovski 3-12 x 50 with the TDS reticle; I assume it's the same as the Kahles reticle (I believe Swarovski own Kahles). If your intention is long range targets, forget a TDS reticle. It's a great concept, but (on my Swarovski at least) the cross hair lines are so thick that they subtend around 1 MOA (ie they completely obscure a 1 inch dot at 100 yards, 2 inch at 200 and so on...) not really an issue at the shorter ranges but at 600, you won't be able to see around 6 inches of the target!
That said, the furthest I've ever shot a deer is a hair over 200 yards - and it was fine in that application.
Plinking with it at inanimate targets at longer ranges (you won't be able to take on anything much smaller than a 10 inch paper plate at 400 yards!) reveals a different scope limitation; the inability to focus the scope means that from 300 and out things are a little blurry!
This has lead me to buy a mil-dot scope with side parallax for my (yet to arrive!) longer range deer rifle.

-I should point out that my Swarovski's reticle maintains constant subtension regardless of power setting (I always get muddled as to whether that means its in the 1st or 2nd focal plane!). If the Kahles reticle is not in the 'constant subtension' optical plane (and I suspect -but don't know- that if it is produced for the US market it won't be) it will only subtend correctly (ie you will only be able to use the reticles range marks) at one particular power setting...I don't believe that this is seen as a big issue on the US side of the pond, but to my 'dumb Brit' mind that would render the scope unacceptable.
My 2 'pence'(!)
I hope this is of some help.
Thanks for all the reply's. I really appreciated it. The kahles reticle is make to shoot on 9 power. My cousin bought one about a month ago for a 30-06. I called him and we are going to go shoot this weekend so i can see what its like. I am starting to lean more towards the IOR now though. Lots of positive feedback for it, and i think i will be a little more precise with it.
Sakofan, I emailed impact guns and they replied that they are an authorized dealer for IOR.
I will probably be ordering one next week, unless after shooting the kahles i decide on it.
Thanks again!
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