***JC Steel Targets 66% IPSC hostage flapper***


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Mar 30, 2008
Hey guys, we are now done with our newest target. We think you will really like them.

It is our 66% IPSC hostage flapper target.

This target is made completely from start to finish by our at-risk youth here on Jubilee Youth Ranch (jlacademy.org or jyranch.org). And our proceeds go back to the youth ranch to keep this program running. These students are doing a great job! Everything from welding, to cutting, to sanding and finishing a product, the targets turning out great and shooters across the country are taking notice of the excellent work they are doing!!

This is a simple design because we did not want to complicate things. It is effective, strong, fairly light weight and best of all its very resonably priced.
Everything is included with this target.

You will get-
-The target itself, Premium 3/8" AR500, with tube attached.
-Attached T POST bracket with all hardware
-The flapper, Premium 1/2" AR500
-It will come painted and ready to shoot!

After looking at IPSC flapper targets in the $400 plus range, we figured we wanted to be about half of that but still create a product that works exactly the same. SO---

Our design is simple, we took a very stout tube, rounded the edges, and attached it to the back of the 66% IPSC target. It is high enough on the target to be out of the way of the T POST bracket. This acts as our holder for the flapper.

The Flapper itself is specially cut with a 3.5 inch arm on it. This arm essentially slips into the tube and creates our pivot point.

On the 66% IPSC we decided to go with 3/8" Premium AR500. We figure this is great for any pistol caliber at any distance, great for 308 calibers at 100 yards and more, and great for magnum rounds at 200 yards and more.

On the flapper we decided to go with Premium 1/2" AR500. It is a 6" round flapper. We did this first, because it fits into the tube much better, but also because its heavier, and creates flapper that does not bounce back after hit, to the same side it was just on. And the 3/8" occationally did that with a 308 at 100 yards.

We also wanted to create a target that could be shot at with big guns!!! Not just your standard handguns like 9mm, 40 cal, 44 mag, and 45 ACP. We wanted something that would work with rifles from 100 yards to 1000 yards.
Before we released this, we shot roughly 50 rounds of 44 mag at 10 yards, 50 rounds of 308 at 150 yards, 50 rounds of 338 edge at 400 yards, 50 rounds of 6.5x47 Lapua at 150 yards, and probably 1500 rounds of 9mm and 45 ACP ammo. Everything worked great, and its suprising how much of a thumping this target can take.

Funny this is that this is the actual target that we shot. We just took a little steel wool, wiped it down and gave it a thick fresh coat of paint!! Looks like new again.

So the idea is to get your T POST in hand, pound it into the ground, leaning it forward a few inches towards the shooter. This helps the target stay in place. Slip the target over the T POST and start shooting. Its that simple!!

Our retail price on them is going to be somewhere around $179 for everything. And that is with free shipping.

Right now you can find them on our group buy for $152 with free shipping.

Thanks again for all the support to JC Steel Targets and Jubilee Youth Ranch. We could not do this without you guys!!

Have a blessed day

Jake Vibbert
JC Steel Target
Jubilee Youth Ranch




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Feb 3, 2011
N. Texas and S. Africa
Very nice.

Something you might consider for the future though would be to mount them on a spring base so that there can be some front to back and side to side movement especially after the first shot.

That is how we used to mount ours and believe me it makes for very realistic practice.