Is 26 Nosler abandoned?

How the heck have you got a 156 to demon
It’s not that difficult. This is not a 26 Nosler.

I've a nosler Patriot 26N...
With 75gr rl33..mag primer..140gr ab
I get about 3250 before losing brass to one shot primer pocket expansion...
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Its somewhat like what happen to the 7mm Rum and a bit of the 300 Rum. New cartridges stolen the lime light and the other that it does have there issues of burning out the barrels which they have almost become non existent. The 300 RUM still hangs around enough to find a little love here and there but the other 2 are well pretty much obsolete. One thing is you have a great action to build something different. 28 Nos or something else.
Yeah this became a huge thing when the internet forums and chit chats started. I have a 7STW and 300RUM from the late 90's and early 2000's. So crazy how they both shoot +P+ loads well past their internet barrel life just as accurately. The STW has over 1K easily, and for many years I used it for shooting Ground Hogs. The RUM is over 800 and still shoots .6.
When a person does load development on A bullet, then just verifies zero from year to year, and hunts, these huge mashemflatmagnums last a long time. Two 7 STWs are still going strong, chambered in 2000. One has minor fire cracking with the powder used in both IMR 7828 with 140g Nosler C/T bullets at 3650 fps.

Shooting steel plates is addictive, and for that, I use a Krieger 308 Winchester which is easy on throats Until I start using IMR XBR 8208.
Here's the easy button! Go with a smaller case/cartridge and add barrel length for velocity loss. OR, don't shoot as far and go smaller. My 264wm is plenty and for the extra velocity I have 1 with a 32" barrel. For those who bought into the 224V and got lost in the now ammo or brass anywhere area it's a shame for companies to not support them that introduced those cartridges! I just bought into the 6.5prc realm and wasn't going to let the lack of needed products hit me. I made sure I had everything needed to reload before buying that chamber. I want 1k of brass for minimum start (160 is lacking, but close enough), headspace go & no-go's and dies. Most of my 26cal list is complete as having 5 different cartridges in that caliber.
The 28 Nosler is just stupid accurate, no getting around that fact. The 7 PRC that is gaining acceptance is a duplicate of the 7 Rem mag, but the 7 PRC will be shot in the Competitions. Stay tuned.

New marketing runs gun sales with the latest and greatest, people buy whatever they see in gun magazines.

As time goes on, fewer and fewer people reload and learn the art of rifle load tuning, which is just what the Ammo Manufacturers want.
Concur. I’m so taken back by Nosler. As a lifelong Nosler hunter/shooter/loader, what has happened the last few years is understandable but you never get any input, plans, expectations, etc. from them. Hornady is in the drivers seat and will continue to dictate a large piece of our sport. Berger has been coming around with some inventory but not Nosler and a couple others. I would have thought Nosler would at least supported their line of cartridges but seems like they are in purgatory. BTW, the 26 Nosler is a beast as is the others. I just can’t own a rifle and not shoot it regularly with hottest loads that shoot decent.