Injured and out

Dang it man. Hang in there. My smith had a root run up in his front spokes in his early 20s. Flipped him over the front and bruised his spine. Paralyzed him from the chest down. Crazy how fast things can happen. He goes to work everyday in a wheelchair now. Hope you get healed up quick.
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Had a dirt bike crash 20 years ago, never ridden since- dislocated my shoulder to the rear of the scapula, took 9 months of rehab-still not the same--- dirt bike riding is not for the old guys for sure-- wish you a speedy recovery but I know it's a long painful road.

Had a buddy put a tree limb through his right lung, took almost 3 years to recover and he will never be the same.

Ride safe guys
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Dear Brent, thks for writing the forum to let us know . Prayers said and will say more , I'm so very happy your Brother was there with you , he's your first hero on my list . Here's wishing you a full recovery and getting back on top of your favorite ridge tops , you know the ones you sent us beautiful pictures of 🤔, 🙏🙏🙏,cheers brother 😉😆🥳
Spent about thirty years in EMS. When new paramedic students came to do rotation with our service I would remind them to take nothing personal when dealing with trauma patients. They were having the worst day of their lives and you were inflicting more pain on them. Sorry for the pain you're in, but remember that the pain is a reminder that you are still alive! I have full clarity of the crash on a that put a plate and six screws in my neck.
So sorry for your injuries and recovery pain. The off-road motorcycle riding/racing was a big part of my life for decades. I've broken just about every bone in body and spent way too much time in hospitals and recovery over my lifetime. I finally sold my last woods bike recently. I miss the thrill of tearing through the woods and hills, but my body can't keep up with my brain these days. Your recount of your crash and injuries reinforces my decision.
You're in my prayers for strength and full recovery.

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