I'm going Black bear hunting

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I\'m going Black bear hunting

I'm leaving in the morning for a Black Bear hunt in Alberta. Gonna be gone for better than a week and I'll sure miss stopping in here to read the latest posts.

Not too long a distance to shoot for the bears, I've been told we'll be about 15 yards away while we're on our stands. I also believe we'll be able to amble around in other areas looking for targets of opportunity. The outfitter had expressed a desire to try long range shooting so I'm packing along 80 rounds of match ammo for my 308. He is apparently scheduled for a Marco Polo (?) sheep hunt in Mongolia next year and wants to have an edge in the shooting department. I believe I'll recommend a 7mm Dakota to him, seems like a popular cartridge for sheep folks.

I may need to stop up and give him some remedial long range classes before his trip in exchange for an Alberta whitetail hunt or two.

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Re: I\'m going Black bear hunting

Finished the hunt and had a great time. Charly and I both got 2 bears. The Outfitter really fell in love with long range shooting and he has a great place right at his home for practicing.

I believe I'll be back up here hunting deer this September. North River Outfitters in Alberta owned by Ron Nemetchek seems like a good bet for the Long Range hunter if you're interested in Whitetail Deer (800 443-6753 and speak with Sue or call directly to Ron and talk about long range opportunities at 780 675-1942).

More on this hunt later.
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