I'm getting a headache


Jan 5, 2004
I\'m getting a headache

New to long range shooting - trying to sort out all of the options for a long range (500-600 yd)deer gun. The more I read here the more options I see! Rem 700 because that is the action that most use when they eventually go upgrade or Savage bvss because it is most accurate out of the box. .308 because ammo is cheap and available or
.300 wsm because eventually you want more firepower. Too many choices. Leaning toward the Savage bvss in .300 wsm. I can see where this could be a disease!
Re: I\'m getting a headache

300 WSM, Rem 700 SA, Mcmillam HTG, Rock, hart, Lilja, or Kreiger barrel, 12 twist 25" long, #6 contour, Badger break, pillar bedded. Wyatt Box, Leupold 6.5-20 LR, 20 MOA bases, Badger rings. Get your smith to work the trigger a bit...

your gonna put out a bit more money in the beggining but me MUCH more happier in the end!!! trust me!
Re: I\'m getting a headache


the savage 12bvss is a great gun every one ive see will do an easy 1/2 moa. With the new trigger they have its very easily adjustible and goes down to 11/2lbs, i dont think there is an more accurate gun out there for $500.
Re: I\'m getting a headache

Good thing Ford and Chevy don't make guns.
Re: I\'m getting a headache

Take a good look at the Savage rifles, they are machined really good.Probably the most out of box accuracy available today also has excellent switch barrel ability.I also have several 700 rem that shoot well but the Savage has more versatility and some come pillar bedded and have muzzle brakes.
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