ideas for 22-250 ackley or 22-243 mid


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Sep 26, 2005
South Central Missouri
What would be a good combo to do a project with a 22-250 ackley or 22-243 mid? Hoping work picks up this next year I have a remington short action that I would like to use. Wanting to shoot 55 to maybe 75 grain bullets for coyotes. Not looking to save hides, would rather tear them in two.
If you are going custom, I would do the Middlestead. I know I've always wanted one. But even then, you aren't getting much more than a stock .220 Swift can do. If it were me, I'd build a 1 in 7" or 1 in 8" twist .220 Swift, then you could use 75-90 grain bullets.
I'm no expert by a long shot but if those were the 2 that I had narrowed it down too I would ask myself 2 questions.

What range do I think I'll spend most of my time shooting yotes and what bullet weights do I think I will shoot most.

Personally, I tend to OVER gun everything. I suffer from the bigger must be better sickness :) but I have been using my .223 for all my yote shooting and it's a blast. But I still want a 7AM so bad I can taste it. :)
I've been using a .22-243 Midd. for four years now as a calling rifle for Coyotes. I use 55 grain Nosler Ballistic tips and they do a superb job. I'm maxed out at 3800 fps with my 24" barrel, 1:14 twist. At an 1 1/2" high at 100 yards, the drop is 2" at 300. And the fact that I use Lapua .243 brass, is a extra plus. Though I hear they are making .22-250 now. Anyway, it's a good looking round. You will loose that flat trajectory going with heavier bullets, unless you're not intending to reach out there. The 55's are a good compromise for trajectory and knock down power, and will punch fist size holes on occasion. The Midd. mirrors the .220 Swift without the case stretching problems.
When I burn out the barrel, I'll be going with a .243 Win and 55's. That will pick up a least 200-300 fps.
I have a 22-243 Middlested, a 22-250 AI, a 220 Rocket (220 Swift Improved), a .223 and a .243 AI.

The .223 is good, the big .22s are better (and all about the same); but the 243 AI is my favorite. 6mm (.243) caliber just gives you more options.
IMO there is just no (little) benefit to using a 243 size case with .224 bullets UNLESS you shoot heavy bullets which can best utilize the extra case capacity.

I shot a 22-243AI, 8" twist, for many years. It was an incredible round for longrange groundhoggin". With 75gr-80gr bullets shots out to 1,000 were doable. If I wanted to shoot 55gr bullets I'd stick with a 22-250 size case and loose very little velocity while greatly increasing barrel life.

If you are going with a 243 or similar sized cartridge I would suggest a 22-243 (plain), no AI, Middlestead or anything else. Great brass available and no forming. Just neck down a Lapua case and go hunting. With care, you should get about 1,000 rounds of accurate barrel life. Ultimately, you could have the barrel set-back an inch or two and rechamber, thus, giving you nearly another 1,000 rounds of bore life. I did it with my 28" 22-243AI and it worked well. I did, however, rechamber to 22-243 (plain) rather than the AI configuration.
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