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Jul 23, 2002
i am tring to find out what would be the ideal caliber for deer out to 1000 yds. more than 90% of the shots will be 600 and less, but i still want to be able to effectivly take a deer at 1000 with a good shot. what would be the best caliber on a winchester magnum action? 7mm rem mag? 7mm um? 300um? i really like the looks of the 300um, but does it have that much of an advantage over the plain ole 7 rem mag at these ranges? thanks for all replies
I literally just had the same argument with myself. (DC taught me how to argue with myself)
I picked the 300 Win Mag. I'm sure others would say go with the 300 weatherby but in 300 win mag you can actually buy 190 gr match ammo if something should happen to your reloads..

I think I am gonna shoot the 175 gr SMK out of a 26- 28" barrel
If I get 3100 fps I have at 500 yards
2200 fps and 1881 ft lbs. of energy
at 1000 yards I have 1475 fps and 845 ft. lbs of energy .. enough for a deer...

just something for your to think about

I agree with Ric on the 300 Win mag for the ranges mentioned from 600 to 1000 yds.

Excellent brass can be bought for reloading and in a pinch, good factory ammo is available.

If going to 1000 yds, the 220 gr MK will outperform the 190 or 200 gr MK.
At 3000 FPS (WITH A 28 TO 30" BARREL) the 220 gr will still be going 1769 FPS and the Foot ponds of Energy will be 1528 at 1000 yds.

If you want less recoil you can go down to the 190 gr. If you have a muzzle brake, it won't make a differance.

300 Win for the ranges mentioned would be my choice.

Since you mentioned an appreciation for 7mm, I will throw the 7STW into the ring.

Shooting 162 Hornady SST, you should be over 3200fps out of a 26" or longer barrel. If you look at the BC and compare to the 30cals 200gr and under, the 7mm is better (.625 published). This bullet is very accurate and expands well at low speed too.

Should be suitable for all of the ranges you are looking to shoot. If you can get the bullet into the boiler room, you are going to need to gut and skin.

Have fun...

I agree the 300WM would do just fine, the 300 Ultra would be my choice for long range though. The wind will have less influence on it and it will take you farther if you decide to go there later and for not much more money.

The "ideal" would be an improved version of the 300 Ultra case in 300 or 338 caliber. The model 70 makes it easy for a nice switch barrel setup for both too. My brother is making one with a 470 Capstick barrel and an Ultra too.
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