Ideal balance point for rifle ( 6.5 WSM loads??)


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Aug 19, 2001
Winnipeg, MB
I am doing the finishing touches on a rifle that I am building for F class and need to know what the ideal point of balance should be. Just for interest sake, I'll let you know what the package is. I'll get Ross to post a pic on our site tonight of what it looks like. It is one of our Timberwolf actions but shortened up to short action lengths, integral 20 MOA base. Pac-Nor supermatch 1-8 twist 6.5mm ( full length WSM) 1.3" shank taper to .95" @ 30" finish. Purple marble Shehane Tracker with lots of lead. I have the ability to add/remove lead to the stock easily to acheive balance, with scope I am limited to 22 Lbs. If anyone has any experience with the full size 6.5 WSM, I would appreciate it as well, I hope to get a bunch of the LRB bullets to try, and shoot the World Championship with this summer.

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Steve Altstadt

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ross spagrud

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Aug 22, 2001
New 6.5 WSM


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Feb 5, 2002
Danville, PA
Just built a rifle for my father in 6.5 WSM and did velocity/pressure testing (peak strain meter) to start him off with some loading data.
M700 long action
HSprecision sporter stock
Douglas XX air gauged 26.5" barrel #5 taper 1 in 8" twist
fireformed case capacity 80.5gr H2O

Essentially it is the 264 win mag. You can look in a reloading book (Nosler) match the maximum velocities and come up with a maximum pressure. I don't see any velocity advantage. Accuracy has been good with some one hole groups at 100 yds(95gr Hornady VMAX,~3600fps, ~60000psi). Cases tend to stick more easily than standard cartridges even at reasonable pressures. Usually occurs after three firings. We think this is due to minimal case taper and the larger diameter case placed in a classic M700 construct and shot at the 65000psi maximum. We have been forced to full length size cases on a more regular basis. Perhaps a larger diameter barrel shank in a custom action could help with this problem. Or we may have to accept a lower maximum pressure. We are still in the early testing stages.

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