Idaho wolf down

ok sucka!

u went way over the line.

We separated ourselves from the uk to gain "real" freedom. Only those that had it know what it is. Others can only wish for it. We more than wished for freedom. Through the grace of god and the actions of a few good 'men' we got it.

Now, with the grace of god and actions of a few good men, we'll get it 'all' back!

And, i recommend that len wave the magic wand so that i/we don't fall into the trap of inadvertently clicking on a thread that contains a post from you.

And, i'm not sorry for my attitude regarding this.

Oh, and my next post on this thread will be when i or someone close to me puts another idaho wolf down!


If you are from England, how do you tolerate the government's "Liverpool Pathway" for all your older citizens in their care? Do you sleep well at night? Do you live in a government nursing home?

BBC reported that the "Liverpool Pathway" was applied to some 138,000 Britons last year. For those who do not know the "Liverpool Pathway" is government sanctioned starvation for the elderly to limit the cost of Healthcare. These people payed taxes to that government all their lives and I dare say most all were good citizens.

You are a serf when the government decides whether you live or die depending on the "usefulness" you present to the state.

After the Second World War, in Nuremburg where I was born, the Nazi guards were properly hung for doing this very thing to the Jews they herded into the Concentration camps....

Sleep well Mildot... I don't... because I am a free man
What everyone needs to realize is that nature is a changing thing. To say the "natural" balance of animals in the Rocky mountains should be is too unclear for anyone to definetively say. Firsthand accounts of early trappers, explorers and settlers don't tell the whole story. Many people today would be surprised to know how few elk existed in the mountains 100 to 200 years ago, based on these early accounts. The same could be said for how many more or less of each species is present today versus 200 years ago.

Conservation efforts succeeded in bringing back the game animals that we wanted: deer, elk, moose, i.e. the commonly hunted game animals. We did less to restore predators and bison because these animals interfered with ranching farming and the ungulate populations that we did want.

The wolf introduction had less to do with conservation than it did with ulterior motives from special interests to reduce of elimate all hunting.

This article details the existing population of native "irremotus" wolves in Idaho and Montana prior to the introduction of the canadian wolf which effectively eliminated an existing native population of wolves. Other studies at the time estimated that it was only a matter of time (roughly 5 years) before enough of the canadian wolves which also existed in small numbers in single and pairs formed packs in northern Idaho and NW Montana.

DNA Studies

See this article for the perspective of one of the most pro-wolf groups which also admits that native wolves existed but they didn't care because they wanted more wolves regardless of conserving the correct subspecies, to them a wolf was a wolf.

Canis Lupus Irremotus | Howling For Justice

Hunting wolves and managing their numbers should be treated as no different than any other animal. We humans manage game population to the levels that benefit us and our interests, since my primary intersts are deer and elk I say the more the merrier and fewer wolves because they impact my primary interest. We didn't need to have to control game populations because humans can and were doing that just fine. Now that wolves are here, my solution is that we manage their populations to a level that will not eliminate or decrease the ungulate populations that we all depend on for meat and recreation.
I'm sorry to see such a beautiful animal die for nothing.Generally speeking we don't eat wolf and the likelyhood will be that the carcass will just be thrown away.The fur will not be rendered for coat making as it is in Alaska and the animal will have died for nothing.There is nothing wrong with taking animals for our use or consumption, but this is a complete waste.
Wolves help keep the deer and elk moving during hunting season.Without them your likely to experence long days sitting and waiting for animals to move that know moving during the day might get them shot.
Please don't tell me how many deer are killed by wolves.Bears take more deer than wolves do, and the main reason we have a season for the taking of deer or elk is because we must limit their numbers. Wolves help us to do that, and they also help keep the rodent population in check.If you have wisdom you will see the logic in what I have said. If not you most certainly will call me names I probably have never been called before. Thats the risk I take because I think animals shouldn't be persecuted.The wolf is no different than the Bear, its just that we can eat Bear or make use of its fur.

Izzy, your ignorance on this subject is astounding.

First of all if I kill a wolf I don't care if the hide is used or not. My thought is I have just saved many elk and a few deer which I like to hunt. If i do shoot a wolf and it has a good hide, you can bet I will take that hide in for cash back to buy more powder and bullets to kill more wolves.

Don't tell you how many deer are killed by wolves??? You don't want to know the facts??? Let's talk about bears and wolves. BTW, I have a degree in Environmental Science with classes in biology, zoology, mamology, conservation, etc. Wolves are carnivores and bears are omnivores. Bears eat more plants in weight than they do meat. A good amount of their meat consumption is from scavenging. Bears hibernate about 4 months out of the year.

Wolves eat only meat and unless they are injured or otherwise unable to kill they do very little scavenging. They do not hibernate and so kill all year around. wolves do not always eat what they kill and that is a documented fact. You talk about waste??? Killing a wolf will save a lot of wasted elk, moose, deer, sheep and cows. A wolf pack killed 125 sheep in one night in Dillon Montana and another pack chased and killed dozens more in Idaho There numerous pics of partially eaten or uneaten wolf killed animals on the net. If you REALLY WANT to KNOW the TRUTH, you can easily do a little searching and find them. Last, there are many more wolves than bears.

Fact: Before wolves were introduced in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, those states managed and maintained large and healthy herds of elk... bears and poachers not withstanding.

Fact: Since the wolves were introduced into Yellowstone NP in the mid 90's, the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd has declined in population from 19,000 to under 4,000. Don't tell you how many deer wolves kill? Why don't you want to know the facts? It is estimated by biological professionals that a single wolf will kill about 20 elk per year. There are other herds that have suffered similar fates. Moose numbers have also dropped drastically.

We don't need wolves to help us control game populations. We were doing that very well for many decades before wolves were placed in the picture. Predators are a terrible way to manage populations as is evident in the recant history of the Northern Yellowstone Herd and other herds.

Myth: Contrary to uneducated and ignorant beliefs, wolves do not just cull out the weak and sick. They are quite capable of taking strong mature bulls and do so quite often.

Ignorance is not wisdom and you seem to wallow in ignorance. You live in some never-never lala land far from REALITY. I have not read all the posts in this thread but so far I have not seen anyone call you names. We have shown you the facts to show you your ignorance of the subject.
I"m in!!!!


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A superb post sir, I compliment you.

The opposition has no substance and returns to the methods of losers i.e. "Your calling me names", "You can't prove your facts", "my facts are beyond examination", "this is settled science", "everybody knows", et al. For as much information as is available today the yeomanry of to day is informed only of matters pertaining to sports and fashion and do not seek a wiser wisdom of the world. Those like yourself are the only bulwark against ignorance rotting our civilization.

Kudos, sir.

Ive hunted around the stanley Idaho area my whole life. I have gotten to know alot of the bussiness owners and people in general there. The wild game numbers have decreased a very great deal there. winter feeding ranges where they are counted proves it. Some bussiness has closed because of reduced hunters and tourists. not that long ago there was unlimited rife and bow tags now,there is a cap. Been told by several residence that while their kids are waiting for the school buses the wolves have ran by them not far away. Another one is where a pack ran down a small herd of elk and killed them all,and ate one left the rest. How they go about their kill is not very pretty. They are out of hand, IDFG nows it too.
wolves, at least occasionally, hunt for sport. They execute lust kills with no intention of eating the prize. For this reason alone, wolves, elk and deer cannot co-exist in a balanced way that also allows for sport human hunters. There are other reasons worthy of a book.
Ok Sucka!

U went way over the line.

I assume from your location, London, that you're in the UK.

If you are in the US we otta take donations and get you a one-way ticket to the UK or some other socialist country. And escort you to the boat to ensure you get on and don't swim back.

If so, you are as the frog in the warm water then the heat is turned up.

You have no clue that you are a Serf.

Have a couple of good neighbors from the UK. One is a US citizen his wife isn't. He spent 30 years in the UK. Good people, just way to used to gimmes.

A bigger man than you, what's that mean. Any "man" is bigger than you. You may be a "male" but you certainly aren't a "man"!

Churchhill would be very disappointed in you.

We separated ourselves from the UK to gain "real" freedom. Only those that had it know what it is. Others can only wish for it. We more than wished for freedom. Through the grace of God and the actions of a few good 'men' we got it.

Now, with the grace of God and actions of a few good men, we'll get it 'all' back!

AND, I recommend that Len wave the magic wand so that I/we don't fall into the trap of inadvertently clicking on a thread that contains a post from you.

AND, I'm not sorry for my attitude regarding this.

Oh, and my next post on this thread will be when I or someone close to me puts another Idaho wolf down!

Yes Roy,,, Maybe I did,,,,, But thiis is a two sided coin, why is it ok for certain folk too take cheap shots at me yet you expect me not to return the same compliment.
I dont want to start pitching crap at you Guys, Because my comments about the Wolf problem/issue was not without merrit because I asked hunters why and what other choices were there.

If and when the tree huggers release them over here the we will have to face the same issues that you have to put up with on a day to day basis which is why I asked what other choice was there around this, Because the UK does not have 1/100th of the game the US has and as for the land mass well thats just a joke whenyou can see one town while your standing in another,

Like you guys I dont Tollerate being on the receiving end of other peoples Crap or what ever you wish to call it, So if I have offended you well that was not my intention and I Apologize