Another idaho wolf down!


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Aug 14, 2018
Deadwood idaho wolf down! Family owned Deadwood outfitters had a guide lucky enough to shoot this!


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My extended family ownes Deadwood outfitters. It was one of there guides that got this. I need to fundout more info
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Good job! Wyoming recently opened wolf hunting.Some tag quota areas and predator free range areas, seen plenty pictures of kills. I’ve only seen 1 in my 20 plus years hopefully some day!
Congratulations to all of you. Great shooting and great job keep it up
My two son's and I were fortunate enough to run across a big male this fal while scouting for a late cow hunt here in Idaho. Shot was only 120 yards.

That thing is beautiful. You know I’m glad wolves exist and they should one hundred percent be treated as a game animal. That way more people can make memories like yours. If I lived up there I would be chasing wolves as much as possible.
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