Idaho deer Hunt


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Jul 21, 2009
Menan, Idaho
There is nothing like working a 12 hour night shift and going hunting:D That is how this years hunt started for me and a good friend Erine. We came to work with the truck loaded and ready to go. Our plan was to be at base camp by noon the day of the opener. Upon arival to base camp we found the one other person with a key to the gate was there and hunting hard. We had permission to hunt 360 acres of ground that bordered BLM. As we unpacked the truck Erine looks up on the hill and spots deer moving on the hill side 500 yds to our left. There was a small group of deer with a small 2x2 running with them. About 10 minutes later we had another group push through with a nice little 4x4 with them. We both had our rifles ready just in case but we both decided to pass. Once we had the truck unloaded and camp set up. We pulled out the spotting scopes and found about 35 more deer but nothing worth casing right then. We did hoewever see about 10 people out walking the hills.

Let me Just say this was the most comfortable tent camping I have ever experianced!!

Complete with flushing toilet shower!! (My wife was coming up and if you want to keep them coming, the more creature comforts the better!!)

That night I did see one nice buck about 24 wide, but other than that nothing to write home about.

The next moring we awoke to deer just outside of camp, one was the same little 2x2 we saw bed down the day before. Erine laid down next to the truck. I gave him the elevation and wind call he dialed the 419 yds or 6.0 mins on his christensen arms rem 700 300 WSM shooting 180 gr accubonds at 2900 FPS and sent it. The deer to one jump forward and topled. (His is the 2x2 on the right of the three bucks photo.) I asked him if he wanted help and he laughed at me say " saying are you kidding I can drive right to it!" So off I went when I got to the top of the ridge line there were already 8 guys on horses oushing the draw. So I set up the tripod and started glassing. After about twenty minuts I found the same 4x4 from the day before and decided he would be the buck I would case. I waited form hime and the other 2 smaller 4x4s to bed down and then I started my stalk. He was about 1.5 mile from my vantage point. When I arrived at the next look put point I found him and the others had moved slightly up hill and were preparing to move again. I ranged my buck at 651 yds dialed in my elevation and had a rather diffficult wind call with the slight gust up hill were I was and a tiffer thermal up hill where he was. I held 4 min left wind. About a half second from the report of the shot I heard the wonderful thud of the well placed shot, and saw my buck rolling down the hill. He acutally made it 150 yds down hill from where I shot him. I was shooting my Tikka lite 300 wsm 208 gr amax

All and all it was a great camp one of the funnest I have had in years. We took ourt buck out to a nother coworkers house and hung the deer. he had shot a nice 4x4 the day before just above his inlaws place. ( the middle buck in the picture.) Now it is time for elk.


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Feb 3, 2011
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Good write up and pictures and a nice pile of meat for the fridge.

24" 4x4 may not make book but it's nothing sneeze at either. I've had some up close moments with Idaho bucks though so I know what you mean.

We walked up on a 5x6 above Brownlee that was asleep, within about 20yds one day in October a few years ago and that thing was so big it scared me LOL. Not as much as the lion the dogs pointed later though. Not a good thing when you are Chukar hunting.

My recent surgery went well enough I may have to try and make it back up there in the next couple of years.

Thanks for good read.
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