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Oct 8, 2006
Oklahoma City, Ok
Folks I thought I'd put this out there for some camo pattern suggestions, this is a simple Savage build up, I did thread the barrel and chamber like I wanted so it took a little more effort than a normal Savage build. This is a plain Jane 308 that I built for shooting in some of the Tactical matches when I get my head back on with range estimation and reading the wind again. I have a empty slate here and need some ideas on a camo pattern so anything you can offer for ideas would be great. Later,


Nice rig.
I have liked the personal camo paints some of the members have made on their rigs. I mean a camo of your creation, something new, yours. Maybe take some pictures of the places your will be shooting at, and try to reply that. Improvise. Maybe try a couple of times first on pieces of wood, until you like a specific pattern. Good luck with the project. Let us know how it worked.
shootinfool, thanks for the comment! it's realy cool to see something come together that once was just a vision.

HUAINAMACHERO, that is a good idea about the pictures where I will be using it mostly. I have an old Savage stock that I have been spray bombing (rattle can) the last couple of evenings that have turned out ok. I'm doing some research on airbrushes right now since I could have more control of what I'm doing and some research on DuraCoat is in my near future also.

Guys thanks for the ideas and comments. Later,

Ok after some rattlecan spray, pine needles, and some of that protective sleeve this is what I came up with, turned out better than I thought it would but I'm always open for suggestions. I need to get a picture of this thing outside but it's been raining and the sun hasn't been out in a week so the pool table will have to work for now. Let me know what you think good or bad. Later,




It was pretty dang easy! I'm pretty sure it was all the practice on the other stock I had laying around that made this come out like it did. I don't have my scope yet and I'm wondering if I should leave the barreled action black like it is or just camo up the complete rifle. My girlfriend thinks I should leave it like it is and I'm thinking the same but ya know it's just paint and I have some paint eraser in case it doesn't turn out :D Later,

Wow! Paint job turned out great my friend! If it were me I would leave the rifle the way it is. It wouldnt look bad painting the entire thing but i think that right now it looks pretty bad ***.
Thanks fella's! the barrel/action got paint last night just lettig everything dry but I'm about to head to the shop to get it and keep your fingers crossed it looks good together. Again thanks for the good words. Later,

It sure does look nice now ...congrats on attacking it with a rattle can...not an easy step to take ..

Is the scope still naked ? ...
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