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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
I know that most of you are using all different brands of scopes but say you were going to choose between a S&B PMII 4-16x50 with a 34mm tube and a U.S. Optics 3.8-22x58 with a 35mm tube which way would you go?

I know that these are high dollar scopes but for your dream rifle capable of doing 1200+ yards without a problem.
That's a tough one. Both are extremely good,high end scopes,made for special Police/Miltary applications. For me,anyhow,I'd take the USO scope.It's got a bit more power,a bit bigger tube,and a slightly bigger obj. The biggest deciding factor for me though would be the fact that the S&B scopes are generally made for for metric measurements and I'm a 'standard feet and yards' kind of guy.I guess that may be a nit-picky thing for people with military experience but that's my opinion. Heck,I live in a Metric Country and I still have to convert kilometers to miles to find out how far things really are. All in all that's a tough pick.
I have a S&B 4-16 PM2 sitting waiting to go on a rifle I have on order. (Much the same as JamesPB's question in the Equipment Review part of the site) The main issue with it is a lack of mounting options (for the 34mm tube).

The scope appears superb - assuming that one day I'll succeed in mounting it!

I'd be very interested to hear recommendations as to rings.
Bruce can you send me a sitrep when you get the chance.

I can get a pretty good deal on the uso but, been hearing alot of good things on the S&B.

Now I hear that Zeiss has a 6-24x56, any thoughts
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