I finally made that 1000 yard shot....


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May 28, 2001
I shot a Prairie Dog at 1000 yards ranged with a Wild range finder. It took five shots to walk the gun into the mound. And eight after that to finally hit him. I haven't had the time to do a drop chart for the round yet or do a whole lot of load development.
It is a 7WSM shooting a 162 grain AMAX at 3050 fps right now.

This may be old hat to some of you guys but it was new for me and it felt pretty good hitting something that small that far away in a 20 mph wind.

WOOO HOO!!!! pretty neat huh.. CJ and I just got him ( CJ ) in to the 1K club on a pd as well... 1000 yards is a long way to be shooting at a 2" X 9" target... I almost made in the club as well but I was at 1500 yards with the 308 I have.. and thats stretching the limits of that gun... bullets were kinda droping outta the sky that far out... I did throw alot of dirt on him though...

good shooting.. now the 1500 yard club is next for ya!!!!
I'm jealous guys. I hunt woodchucks in the mountains of north east Pa. at least 4 or 5 days a week. This whole region is heavily wooded so it's very difficult to find an area that is wide open for long distances and one that also has a population of woodchucks. My farthest attempt has been 670 yards and I drilled him first shot and flipped him into the air. He laid there for a few seconds and then to our surprise, he crawled away. The biggest problem we experience is that we almost never get more than one shot and they are in their holes for a week. Skittish little devils to say the least. I'd love to come out west some time and try my hand at a 1,000 yard kill.
Congratulations and keep after 'em!
Hey Mike congrad, what part of Texas are you shooting pds? I know that the Lubbock area has alot but, don't want them shoot on the BLM.

Me and a few buds shoot them in Lovington,NM
I have some leads and phone #'s for more access but haven't had the time to pursue them. They are around Muleshue,Tx. Where in TX. are you?

What is even better in my opinion was the two back to back shots I made at 850 yards with a 6 Ackley. I shot once and hit low and left made a correction and wham! I watched him get ripped off the mound though the scope. Then is buddy came to check him out and I got him also. I think there was a lot more skill in this shot than the 1000 yard shot.

The verticle was pretty easy on the 1000 yard shot but the wind was a coin toss. I held in the same place everytime and was hitting I'd guess in a 12" circle around him. One finally contected. In the head no less. That was cool . It's neat to brag to my buddies who don't know better that I made a 1000 yard head shot on a PD.
Ok Mike again congrad now give us all the details load,scope factory gun or something special? Right now I looking at building a custom based on the Remington 300SAUM necked up to 338. Still trying to decide on a good scope. Checking past post on optics its a toss up between the Nightforce and a Leopold.
You still didn't tell me where in Texas you are at.

Ok here are the details.
7WSM,Viper action RB/LP, Shilen Select match barrel 1/9 twist finished at 27.5" and braked. A Tooley MBR clone stock made by some guy in Montana. Has a wider flat on the butt section and a more verticle grip than a Tooley. Jewell varmint trigger set at 8 oz.
Nightforce NXS 12x42 with NP-R2 reticle.
Here is a picture.
I'm down in San Antonio along with 338 Laupa. She is a beauty I hoping to get my barrel to finish out at 27" without a brake 1 in 8 polygonal twist Pac-Nor barrel made by Tac-Ord. DK recomended I talk to them about it. It will have a Grendell folding stock and a Sako action not sure about the brake. Has you brake really helped you to shoot better?
I don't know about helping me or the gun shoot better but it sure takes the kick out of it. The gun weighs 15.5 lbs right now and has a place for a wieght kit in the butt section but it isn't done yet.

The gun kicks like a 243 maybe.
MikeW & Texas,

Obviously you two can shoot and are using quality rigs but for sniping dogs at long range why use such large rounds. I can get the same results with my little 6mm-284 with a third the recoil. Here is my setup

Nothing fancy, just put together right.

Action: Winchester M70(Formerly a Heavy Varmint rifle chambered for the .243 Win)

Barrel: Lilja 30", fluted, stainless, #7 contour. .243" bore with a 1-8", three groove twist.

Stock: Factory H-S varminter stock except that I filled the channel under the barrel with #12 lead shot and epoxied it in place. Also removed the rear swivel stud and drilled out to fill hollow of stock again with #12 lead shot, epoxied solid and smooth with stock finish. Rifle weighs 18.5 lbs ready to shoot.

Action work: barrel chambered and fitted to blueprinted action by Dennis Olsen of Plains MT. Glass bedded including the first 5" of barrel.

Chamber: Tight throat and match neck. Throated to seat a 107gr Matchking to 3.100" o.a.l.

-Win 284 cases
-Trimmed to 2.150"
-Necks turned to 0.0105"(0.0015" bullet release)
-Primer pockets cut and squared.
-Flashhole deburred
-Cases weighted and sorted into +/- .5 gr groups.
-107 gr Sierra Matchking(coated)
-R-22 (heavier load then should be used with a standard throat rifle so I will not list)
-CCI-BR2 primers

All loads are loaded using Redding Competition dies which hold run outs to the 0.001" or less range on once fired cases.

With this rifle load combo, I drive a .530 b.c. bullet to 3595 fps. As far as accuracy goes, last weekend I tested the rifle for accuracy with a new lot of powder at my 500 yard range. Firing 8 three shot groups, I got an average of 0.957" ctc. Largest group was 2.105" ctc and the smallest was 0.358" ctc.

I will give you that the 162 gr A-Max has a better b.c. and that eventually it will catch up and out run the 107 gr pill but not by much with the velocity advantage it has over the 7mm bullet.

Now if your talking about 1000 yard chuck hunting then the bigger rifles are well suited to the task as a chuck is a very tough animal for its size and the extra H.P. is a good thing.

But for P. Dogs it seems like more bother then its worth. Of course I have had a few shooters tell me the same thing when I throw a 750 gr A-Max at a chuck a mile away but it works just fine and its easy to see bullet impacts.

I see no fault in your choices but there are lighter rounds that will accomplish the same thing.

Good Shooting!!!

I has this gun built for two reasons,1000 yard BR and long range PD's.

I also shoot a 6 Ackley with a 1/12 twist and 87 grain bullets. A 6 Dasher with a 1/14 twist and 58 grain bullets and a 20 PPC with 1/12 twist and 33 grain bullets.

I wasn't impressed with some of the lighter
6mm VLD bullets. Some friends of mine shoot them and at really long range they don't put PD's down. They just seem to drill a hole though them and they crawl back to thier hole. I wanted a heavier bullet to anchor them without stepping up to the 30 cals.

You can check out some them here if your interested. http://home.attbi.com/~2mike/
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