I dont get it?!



Why does Leupold make scopes with MOA clicks but mil reticles? At least make an MOA reticle or MIL clicks.

Lets keep apples with apples.

At least nightforce has the NP-R2 reticle.
I believe Leupold was making scopes and the military let a RFP (Request For Proposal) for a mildot reticle in a scope, Leupold responded. At that point you had a Leupold Scope (MOA) with a MilDot reticle and that was about all there was in the way of calibrated reticles in the USA.
Why does everyone? A bad idea out of a need for optical rangefinding. The mil dot method is way too complicated but has served the US forces for so long that has become standard.

Mechanically, there was little reasons to change the way scopes adjusted SO you have the unhappy marriage of MOA and mils.

Yes, there is a movement to a MOA reticle. Several manufacuters now offer that. Mostly from Europe surprisingly enough.

At some point, I hope someone looks through a PSOP Russian tactical scope and really thinks hard about it. The Isrealis have something similar in their Nimrod scopes. Although a bit busy, the MP8 from IOR may just be the height of this design.

A choke style range finder with reticle marks which coincide with drop (just like the Burris Ballistic plex). Range with the choke style range finder, find the necessary line or adjust the BDC/turrent accordingly, engage target. No calculator or fancy spreadsheets required.

For those who are skeptical about that reticles affectiveness, just ask the Germans in WWII, Americans in Vietnam, and Afghans who spent some time at the receiving end of those scoped rifles.


Cowboy, I have a MOA reticle on a US Optics SN-3. I think it's the heat!!

I'm not a real "hold over" guy. More of a clicker.
1/2 MOA clicks and a MOA reticle!! It's a MOA world, gents. Why complicate it with mils and metric clicks??

I like the MP8 reticle from IOR though. I didnt think it was busy and thought it was very used friendly. I know several guys on LRH like it as well. Jeff in Texas comes to mind...

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I range with my rangfinder. so I really wouldn't use either MOA of Mils to range. Although I do think MOA is easier.
ie. the NP-R2.

But there are times I want to dial in and times I want to holdover. The problem I have with set drops (like the premier reticles RC600)is that variation in temp, alt, etc will change them. Plus if you put that scope on a different rifle or change loads its no good.

That's why I use my exbal software on PC and handspring visor. To give me what I need to know when I need to know it. But when I'm hunting local I like to print out my drop chart and have it with me since I pretty much know the night before whats what. With Leupold I print out two charts one for mils and one for MOA. I wouldn't mind either and I actually like Mils since everything is in multiples of 10, but lets match the clicks with the reticle!

Jerry, what companies make an MOA reticle? I only know of Nightforce NP-R2 and the USO MOA reticle.
To all you mathematicions out there, i used to own a 37 power target scope manufactured by Pecar of Berlin. this scope moved the crosshairs 7mm at 100m for each click of the turret.Would this be similar to 1/4" at 100yds. We know that 1" at 100yds is approx. 1 moa,would 28mm at 100m be a true moa?
7mm at 100m is

7mm/25.4 inches at 100x39.4/36 yards

0.275" at 119.44...yards

or x/.275 = 100/119.4

or 0.2302" at 100 yards.

or a tad under .25" or 1/4" at 100 yards, but perhaps close enough for gov't work.

One of the USO MOA reticles. This one on my 3.2-17x44/58-30 ERGO EREK


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DMCI:Nice one, thanks for that, but let me draw your attention to the fact that 100m is 109.4yds not 119.4.Using your formula this works out as .251" at 100yds. I think we can both agree that:

7mm at 100m and 1/4" at 100yds are both the same.

Good hunting.
I think is awash either way. How is the us optice scope to look through? Are the marks to big as compared to the average mil reticle? It looked a little busy to me when I checked out the website. I have not had the oportunity to actually fondle a us optics scope.
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