I am so proud of what you LRH members do for the shooting/hunting world!

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
Who among you can remember the outdoor magazines of the 60's and 70's? As a teenager I subscribed to Outdoor Life; Field & Stream; Sports Afield; Fur, Fish & Game. I saved them all for years in stacks that grew higher and higher. I read and re-read them, dreaming of future hunts in faraway places and researching the latest and greatest cartridges. I bought a Remington rifle in 7mm Remington magnum shortly after it first came out.

Back then it was pretty darn hard to research many of the topics that we all take for granted today. If these 4 magazines didn't write about it...or if you didn't subscribe...you were pretty much out of luck.

And even then, you only got the opinion of maybe one or two writers on the topic in question.

But today, look at what you LRH forum participants and you LRH article writers provide as a service to the shooting/hunting world. It is simply amazing to me to look at our 300,000 forum posts on 20,000 topics. Or our 120 feature articles that cover so many good subjects. All available for free at any time of the day or night to visitors from something like 132 countries from around the world.

In the past month search engines sent 141,020 total visitors via 71,260 keywords to our site. And just think of what good info they found when they got here. Simply amazing!

Most of you are too young to realize how little good info there was back in the day...or to appreciate how good we all have it today.
You sure built one heck of a 'living room'

An empty living room wouldn't be much fun. But one with 110,000 guests in it....:) You guys make the party really rock!
Weather by luck or intention, Len you've really put together something nice here. This web site has helped me in more ways than most would imagine, and I appreciate it(so does my wife).:)
Yeah just think without showing this the world never would have seen JMASON's tshirt making abilities!!!:D

Or his muscles:D
As recent as last fall I witnessed two "hunting pros" (hollywood style) discussing the phenomenon of long range hunting, and in the end they said that a 30-06 only has the capability of and "ETHICAL" 200 yard kill and that if a person wanted to step out to 300-400 yards they would need at least a .300 win.. They then made a remark that they didn't know any one that could accurately shoot a .300 win. at those ranges because of recoil.

I know exactly what you mean with this thread starter. There is NO DOUBT at least a couple numbskulls quoting what these two said in their discussion, and if it weren't for sites such this, to many people wouldn't get to the truth.

My hat is off to you and the many others that use this site to peaceably discuss the truths and to find enlightenment on the subject of long range shooting and hunting.
though I'm not old (I hope, I'll be 50 my next birthday) I remember when you couldn't find any info as to how to extend your range in hunting. Possibly it was growing up here in Hardy County WV (halfway between nowhere and nothin), It was nov. 1982 when I just held way high on a buck at (later ranged) 606 yards with a 270 win. and he hit the ground flopping.
I thought man, I gotta learn how to do this on purpose, everyone here had 1 answer, get a bigger gun.
I got online in 1998, and found this place and things started to come togather. I wish to personaly thank you and all the members here for the advise, and encouragement that has taken me to the level where I'm at.

I encourage and influence alot of local folks to become familuar with they're rifles and explore the capabilities of them, when asked how I do it, the first advise I give them is.
go here www.longrangehunting.com register, read and ask questions, more hunter friendly ballistic knowledge on that sight than at camp perry!

James Staggs (RR)
Thank you very much sir, as I have told you before a couple of times, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WEBSITE!!!
It is amazing how much I can learn from it every day. As a passionate hunter it has made me reestablish my hunting goals and shooting goals for the future.
It is also a very special time for me, for every day after coming back from work.
Thanks to you and to all the friends here at www.longrangehunting.com.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for this website. I cannot begin to tell you the things I've learned on this site. This is not to mention the things I've bought and sold in the classifieds.
Hey, guys. I really appreciate all the compliments but this thread was really meant to recognize you guys because your contributions are what I was talking about.
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