hunting gun DPMS 300 SAUM or rem 700 ss 300 saum


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Nov 30, 2004
i'm looking for a gun to shoot 300 yds with. I really like the idea of the semi auto for using on coyotes. But i also like the accuracy of bolt actions. What do you guys think. Any help would be great
As an accuracy minded rifle builder I would always lean toward the bolt gun for accuracy, strength and consistancy.

Just my opinion though!

Kirby Allen(50)
Do you want this rifle just for coyotes? If so, that is a lot of cartridge for 300 yard coyote shooting! My DPMS 308 is far more rifle than I would want to carry very long in the field. It works great off a bench though. I would use an AR-15 223 or sporter weight bolt in 223, 22-250, 243, new WSSM, etc., for coyotes. If it is to be a "one for all things" rifle in 300 SAUM, my choice would be the bolt for more versatility.

I like the bolt action as it has a better potential for accuracy and they have a tendency to be more reliable because they are simpler.
With coyotes it is rare that a rapid second shot is important unless you like sending lead after a gray streak.

I like the 300 SAUM but it would not be my first choice for coyotes. As stated, it would be a good "one for all" rifle but I would likely choose a 308 for cheaper ammo and slightly longer barrel life.
Hello, I have a lr-30s DPMS I shoot it at least 4 times a month, It would be good for yotes no need for a follow shot, one would be fine it is a heavy gun w scope, having said that it is a very tough gun I have taken it on an elk hunt. with the right carry strap it 's no problem Shoots very good, shot a 5x5 at 277 yds in 35 to 40 mph wind aimed dead on. If youare looking for a 300 yd shooter in semi that can also take an elk ( larue's elk hunt with 6.5 grendel on arfor.) I have a 6.5 grendel and it will shoot easily to 300 yd. I think mostly deer size game. Larue,s I'm sue is a great marksman and can place one shot on an elk. I need a bigger gun for this.The 6.5 Grendel perfct for deer coyotes pig p dogs and if your a great shot Elk. P.S. DPMS LR-30s shoots like a laser. As good as any bolt with far less bruising. No flinch factor.
i have 2 lr30s in 300 saum 1 like new 3 rounds thru i t $ 1250 case 4 mags plus shipping
I am looking for the same kind of rifle. Is a DPMS .243 a good rifle? Like the original poster I am looking for a fun, economical to shoot, low recoil coyote and antelope gun. I have always liked the .243 and had good luck with it. Would the .260 or 6.5 Grendel be a better way to go?

I must defer to Mr. Allen, on sheer accuracy...the bolt every time. That being said the black rifles are certainly closing that gap at a rapid rate. I'm a fan of both, dependant upon what you're going to do and at what distances.

Now, you obviously have no intent of selling fur if the 300 SAUM is your choice for coyotes....300 yards and in. First things first, AR10 anything is heavy and you are going to struggle doing any offhand shooting, which down here in the south 'yotes have a tendancy of surprising you and you have to swing in on them and shoot quick. Unless you are a member of Seal Team Six or Ahnold Schwarzenkophenhager, it isn't an easy task!

I'm getting a little older and starting to realize I can't swing the same sized stick I used to. I spent the first half of my life running into things head first and the second half proving I could still pick it up.

If you're doing ranch/farm predator control from a fixed position that you can rest and swing on, AR10 all the way. If you're creeping in and out making stands, light to midweight bolt gun.


AR10 in 243, hoot to shoot but the dang thing is still heavy. Now the 6.5 grendel in a AR15 platform, more compact...lighter and IMHO a much better woods gun.

Bluebeemer nailed it. Look at the WSSM uppers out for the AR15, 223, 243 and 25. All put some juice down range for less money in a lighter package. That being said the 6.5 is as good a one gun for everything as you're going to find.

just be careful of the BlackRifleDisease(BRD) its infectious. Want to hunt hogs today, pop two pins and put on the 450 busmaster upper. Going deer hunting, pop two pins and put on the 25 WSSM. Going gopher huntin..2 pins and the 204 ruger. Kinda like "Barbie" for men :D

Good luck with the decision!

I like both and have both. The AR-10 is capable of being shot in most hunting situations just as well as the bolt action. The AR can be a little tempermental and less forgiving if the ammo is not handloaded correctly. The AR factory triggers need replaced or worked on to acheive a controlable trigger. If you buy it you will not be disappointed.
I'm looing for a lr30 in 300 saum. Let me know if you still have the one that was only shot 3 times.
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