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Apr 9, 2005
Tip to England for 5 days site seeing and Hunting.
Fiancé and I went Oxfordshire England to hunt Muntjac
and Chinese water deer. Stayed in a nice old hotel.
The outfitter guide will. Book you anyway you desire
5 star on down. I just like a clean room nice bed close to
Food or shops First day Fiancé harvested a nice old Muntjac
these things are small look like a mouse thru the scop.
Ended up 3 Muntjac and a Chinese water deer. 100%
Shot opportunity. For one reason or another my fiancé could not connect on a Chinese water deer.
I can’t say enough about the Outfitter guide Alex Nielsen is super
First contact Sam Farrow. Of Hunt International

Alex Nielson. Guide
Phone International Call. +447718747217.
Check time difference

They are partners

Hotel unless you choose different.
In one of the pictures

Accurate Guide and outfitters section
You will find the muntjac and Chinese hunt there Sam is on there
It explains cost and what not
You don’t need a rifle they have them
Much easier to fly without
Forgot the use Suppressors and Thermal Imaging over there
It is Legal Also Bow Hunting not allowed
If anyone goes it will be a super easy hunt.
Also if you can find it I wrote a Report on the Hunt on in more Detail


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