Howa mini actions?

It hit everything that I pointed it at within the ~175 yards or so range of where we were shooting. Plinking day, not a range day. You know how some rifles just seem to understand what you're trying to do and they help make it happen? That is this rifle. Most challenging was a ~Ø7" steel disc that had a ~Ø3" hole in the center of it. Out at about 160 yds, could hit it at will, offhand. Almost boring, but not really.
Not shot paper with it. I was using PPU 123gr. PSP's and it appeared to REALLY like them.
Got the Howa to the range today got the barrel broke-in & seasoned with 65rds down the pipe…..shot pretty decent with Bulk Steel Ammo. Played around with 40rds of CFE BLK & the Hornady STT……
Which model do you have….? I felt like recoil was noticeably moderate in mine, more than I was expecting

Could be the stock design, appears to be a Magpul MOE. Pitch, cast and drop all play a part in perceived recoil. Designed for gas guns, not necessarily for a bolt gun.

That rifle in terms of weight at nearly 8lbs isn't all that light, actually heavier than my Titanium 280 Ackley. The Ackley has a McMillan Classic edge filled but the perceived recoil is light to moderate.

You can play with a pitch shim to get more of the pad up against your shoulder, washers placed between top of the pad and the butt stock will tell you what you want to know. Start with 2 and increase or decrease the number and see if perceived recoil increases or decreases. Once you master the pitch, buy a kydex shim of the correct pitch and grind it to fit the pad and butt stock, install and enjoy.
Which model do you have….? I felt like recoil was noticeably moderate in mine, more than I was expecting
Their light weight barrel option in a hollowed out Boyd's "Classic" that has had the cheek piece removed. Talley one piece rings and an NLA Leupold LW 2-7x. 6.9 lbs ready to hunt or shoot with an empty 4 round mag. I won't say that it has no recoil, just that it was very low.

The rifle that Darryle might be looking at is my Heavy Palma-esque barreled .224 Valkyrie Howa Mini in a MDT LSS-XL chassis with their butt-stock. It is not a mere 6.9 lbs! Pictured here: