Howa mini 6 ARC?

They don't have them on hand, they are verifying actual warehouse stock to confirm.


Only one now (22/12/27, 16:11)
Well I’m just the opposite. I have no experience with howa minis but I do love my six arc! I’ve converted my A.R. 15 to 6 mm arc and I am really impressed with this little cartridge. I have taken deer out to 381 yard so far and a wide range of bullets from 70 or even less to over 100 grains are available.
I built a .224 Valkyrie on a 7.62x39 Howa Mini action. According to wiki 6mmARC case has a base diameter of Ø.441" The 7.62x39 case has a base diameter of Ø.447" The 6 ARC will fit the 7.62x39 bolt better than my .224 Valkyrie does. At one time Brownell's had the barreled actions at a really good price.
I had ordered one in a 6 ARC barreled action back in the summer from brownells and I got it before Christmas what Brownells got in did not last long , I put a stockys carbon stock on it and have deer hunted with it but have not had the opportunity to make a kill , the mini bottom metal has been replaced with bottom metal from Wayne york , the gun will shoot MOA from the bench, Great super lite rifle !!!!!
I had my order in to brownells in the summer and I got my barreled action in 6 ARC just before Christmas, I put the barreled in a stockys carbon fiber stock and it shoots MOA , great little action and super accurate little rifle !!!
Does yours sound like a zipper when you run the action?