How to start out and what equipment?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by BitterrootBob, May 3, 2013.

  1. BitterrootBob

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    Oct 8, 2010
    I have spent a bunch on new long range rifle, scope, base and rings etc. The wife is going to flip out on reloading equipment, LOL.

    I really like the Forster Co-Ax press and they are finally in stock. I got to thinking, though. I have read some really good reviews on the Wilson stainless Micrometer seating Die. And I've seen guys seat bullets with that die by hand (no arbor press). Does brand new brass (I was going to buy Lapua) need to be run through sizing die or can it be loaded first time without this step? That would give me time before I needed to purchase a press.

    Also, I am reloading 260 Remington. Is there any real advantage to spending the big dollars on the Co-Ax versus a Redding Boss press for example? I know some guys set primers with the Co-Ax. Speaking of primers, what is a good primer tool for the money?

    I guess I just want to get started with as little money as possible and then add needed items as I go along. Curious as to what is really needed. I already have a scale as well.
  2. Endurance

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    Apr 15, 2013
    I will get flamed if money is an issue start with Lee. and Build up. There is a run on Load equip now anyway so maybe just buy brass while you read up.

    PS I love reloading "All my bullets are retired factory brass" its enjoyable you can get started for under 250 without supplies, but again skies the limit, I figured if I bought Lee stuff I would load till my skills exceeded the equipment until then I will load with Lee.

    Read read read. And understand its really easy to hurt yourself and its really hard to hurt yourself. Be careful and be patient.

    I bought from If I did it again I would buy the same kit from lee but get RCBS dies or Lyman a better scale and a turret case trimmer. If you aren't sure of what that means just get the Lee kit and build up.

    Guys here spend 1000s on equipment to be topnotch but to start out, start small and again load till you exceed the ability of your stuff....
  3. Bishop

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    Aug 6, 2010
    Reloading on the cheap? Lets see....

    1 lee classic cast press
    2 reloading manual
    3 calipers
    4 full length die
    5 seater die
    6 beam scale
    7 chamfur and debur tool
    8 powder funnel
    9 imperial size wax
    10 dry neck lube
    11 primer pocket cleaner
    12 shell holder for your caliber
    13 hand priming tool universal
    14 universal shell tray
    15 steel wool to clean dirty cases

    Thats about as bare bones as i would go, im sure i forgot something critical but other than brass, bullets, powder and primers i think thst would give you a good start

    Buy brand to suit your budget
  4. boomtube

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    Oct 8, 2007
    "Is there any real advantage to spending the big dollars on the Co-Ax versus a Redding Boss press for example? "

    No. Nor the Lee Classic Cast. For MUCH less money, neither you nor your rifle will ever know the difference.

    Wilson type hand dies are fine for BR shooting when a few thousants smaller average can make the difference between winning and losing with the small cartridges and hand made bullets they shoot. Your rig and factory bullets would never see any difference.

    As a new guy you have a LOT to learn, expensive "competition dies" will be meaningless for now. Buy a common die set, any of them, and learn to develop an accurate load. By the time you get enough experiece to shoot and load any better than standard dies can do (they are quite good you know) you won't need to ask anyone else what new dies you may want to try.