How to run Nightforce Ballistic Software on a Mac ... ??


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Feb 21, 2009
N. Idaho
Just curious as to if you guys have run Nightforce's ballistic software on a Mac. If so what software did you use to run the application?

Am really curious as to if CodeWeavers "CrossOver" would run it. I need some lightbulb's.
We use "Parallels" around here.

Have used it extensively for several years.

Turns my Intel Mac Mini into a PC but of course it brings Windows problems with it.
Ugh ... I hate Windows ... !

Was hoping that there was software that would run the Nightforce application without installing Windows and Parallels.
I hate windows also, and have been a fan of Mac´s, all my life!!!
But I cant get a ballistic program for it also.
Gettn2, please tell me how you solve this problem.
Searched around a bit ago and found this.

I downloaded something from the archives, don't know that's really there, to my folder of things to do........later. I downloaded the stuff but am hesitant to unzip it.

I'm up to my eyeballs with projects and hunting season and won't get to this for awhile.

Anyone want to give it a go? Link:Strelok. Ballistic calculator for MacOS X
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