How to remove hardened "bedding epoxy"?


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May 10, 2004
southeast michigan
How to remove hardened \"bedding epoxy\"?

Anyone know of a good method and/or solvent for removing what I suspect is "bedding epoxy" inside rifle action...? thanks so much, Larry
Re: How to remove hardened \"bedding epoxy\"?


Go to your local hardware store and look for JASCO "premium paint and epoxy remover". It is a great product that has worked well for me in the past. Also MEK will work on some epoxy material. Good Luck
Re: How to remove hardened \"bedding epoxy\"?

How do you think it would work on a laminated stock? I've got a Rem laminated stock I want to rebed the action. Will it work or will it destroy the stock too?????
Re: How to remove hardened \"bedding epoxy\"?

a little grinding with dremel or fordom tool would be a better way to go. that stuff will distroy your stock. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
Re: How to remove hardened \"bedding epoxy\"?

I reread a couple of times just to make sure. Epoxy inside your rifle action or in your stock?

For the stock, just get a sanding drum and a dremel tool. Comes out in a flash. Just don't breathe the dust.

Inside your action, apply a BIT of heat until the epoxy gets soft and 'chisel' out with a piece of wood or stiff plastic.

Re: How to remove hardened \"bedding epoxy\"?

Jerry...thanks for your reply... it turned out not to be epoxy after all... was a combination of grease, dirt, cat hair etc inside the action... rifle was retrieved from a pretty "dirty" room... I think I'm ok... thanks again, Larry
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