How to harden schools.

Actually, battered women killing their abusers probably played some part in the cooling off period. Battered women who killed their abusers went to prison more often than not back in the 80s. Its still happening today. I am not saying that they should not be aloud to defend themselves but I imagine in most cases they could have left but instead they stayed and killed someone. Battered woman syndrome is a mental illness. They won't leave someone who is beating them because in their mind they can't. This is a complex issue and its taken a long time to get where we are today where we see the abused as the victim defending themselves when they end up killing someone. Its a mans world and its something we have a hard time understanding. Its an evolution of our society and it is somewhat ironic because its that evolution which has created the transgender movement, lgbtq rights, and what others would call wokeism.
I was mainly talking about the one’s that left and were stalked.

No matter a law abiding citizen should not have their rights trampled. Unfortunately there are some that go from law abiding to breaking the law. We can’t stop them from changing their thinking. We can have AA, hotlines and counseling but it’s up to them to choose their path.

There is no way to stop all crime unless we turn people into emotionless automatons.