How to know it is Spring in Cody, Wyoming

If they are going to relocate bears to other states, why don't they put some of them in downtown LA. Lots of food resources, plus it would make a great video.
I'd like to see them start with Washington DC, Central Park in NY and yes, LA. Anymore, the list would include anywhere in Portland, Seattle and Denver, too.
On the Uranium areas, Pumpkin Buttes was way north of Douglas, west of Wright. Blizzard Heights was out 93 north of Douglas. 93 (then 32, the Highland Loop Road) went to Exxon's Highland Mine, the adjacent Morton Ranch Mine, where I worked, and further north to the Bear Creek Mine and another I can't think of the name of at the moment (maybe Cameco). When uranium was crashing in '82-83 that was when the Morton Ranch Mine folded. It was a TVA lease, and the Three Mile Island incident sealed its fate before we even got into real production. Highland and the Morton Ranch lodes are presently under in situ mining.

That was a long ways out 93, most of an hour in good weather, and we all kept extra food in our offices in case we got snowed in. The blizzards out there could be pretty epic at times. I ranged out from the mine quite a ways doing environmental monitoring, and I'll guarantee that the gumbo on the ranch roads in the spring was something to behold. And you better have a shovel for the drifts in winter.
Sadly, they are not. People have a hard time letting go of things they believe. Any time someone is a former-fill in the blank they keep some of it. Some of us here around Cody bring that to their attention; it is challenging but oh so rewarding.
As the sign says: dont california our cody.
You guys recommending Central Park have a bit further to take the idea.💡

Make it a National Park.
Build a 12' game fence or maybe a WALL around it.
Stock it with wolves, bears (Black and Grizzly), bison, prairie dogs, elk and deer (No lions. The fence wouldn't be tall enough) The new park could be home for the NYC resident coyotes, too.

Close it to pedestrian use. For a fee, use electric buses to transport visitors through the park. Recharge the buses at wind turbines conveniently disguised as trees.

Then advertise how staying home in NYC would save the planet as it would cut out all the emissions from auto and aircraft exhaust that would be spent across middle America to travel to see the zoo (YNP) out West.

Feel free to expand the idea.

It could be the next incredible East Coast Vacation Destination..