How solid is the Hart bench?


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Aug 26, 2002
I saw the bench on the Point Blank video. I need to find a very sturdy bench for load work up, but it must also be portable. I could build one, but I would have to compromise on either sturdy or portable.
I don't have one but have shot on it. It is a very nice bench particularily if you need frequent elevation changes.

Legs are flared out at a good angle for stability and the construction is first class.

338-378 is right about Jim Berfields shooting tables. We have two of them and we love them. Like 338-378 said unless they run out of sight they don't get away,and they are very solid .
Here is Jim Berfields telephone number if you want to talk to him about his chain drive tables. 570-748-2055

I have the second one he built about 15 or 16 years ago and have used it without fail for that length of time.
You can use it sitting, kneeling or with the heavy duty legs extended, you can shoot from a standing position and I'm 6'1".

The chain drive elevation will allow you to stay with any animal and he won't get away from you.

If there's a better table, I have no idea where it could be, and I've tried a bunch of them.

You will not find a better one anywhere. He has sold MANY of these tables to the serious LOngrange hunters in this area and out of State.

If your talking about Jim Berfields, the cost is $500.00 and well worth the price.
Lot's of aluminuim work, addiotion of gears, chain, crank, rests front and rear with sand bags already attached .

You would have to talk to him at the number I put in my last post.

I have a picture of the Jim Berfield shooting table if you would like to see it. Unfortunatley I do not know how to post it on here. Can send it to you via email if you like?
How sturdy is this bench? $500 might not be a bad deal if it's not too heavy, and `sturdy, I built my own portable bench, but it's around 40-50 lbs... I can hit w3ater jugs off of it at 400 yards... but it's not as sturdy or steady as a big perm concrete bench.. but the cost was like $50, maybe less...
The legs on mine are mad of 3/4 inch steel pipe (heavy), I put legs in my gun case, carry rest of stuff in cammo bag, and bucket.... 100 lbs of equipment to carry 1/2 mile sometimes..
I'm working to lighten the load without sacrificing "sturdy" -ness of the bench..
my gun is around 15 lbs...

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