Horus Vision Customer Service issues??


Nov 17, 2012
Anyone have any experience with Horus Vision CS? I'm trying to determine if I have a reason for concern, or if they just have crumby customer service.....

2 months ago, I called Horus to ask if I could get a T&E scope, to actually look through their reticles. Im looking to order a US optic 5-25, and was interested in the horus reticles. I was told that they do not have T&E's in stock for this purpose, but that I could purchase one, and return it after looking through it. I understood that I would be responsible for shipping costs, and was fine with that.

I was specifically told (as common sense would imply) that I could not mount the scope, and it must be returned in new condition. They were very accomodating about the situation, and I was pleasently suprised.

I got the scope (Falcon, with H27 reticle) and was impressed with the usability of the reticle, and the scope seemed to be a good value for its cost, but certainly no US optic. I packaged it up, and prepared to return it, happy with the opportunity, certain that the shipping costs were a good investment.

3 weeks later, I had not received a refund. I called, and was told that they had not received the scope, and that I should have received an RMA before returning it (certainly not discussed in the initial conversation). They said they would look for it, and I received a return call a week later. I was told that I would not get a refund, because the scope had been mounted, and there was a broken plastic lens cover.

I was infuriated, but tried to make things right. I explained that I had certainly not mounted the scope, and offered to pay for the scope cap cover, if it had been damaged in transit. Later that day, they called me back and said they would send a refund check (no credit card refund for some unexplained reason). 2 weeks later....no check.

I called again, and was told that they showed it being delivered, but not cashed. They said they would cancel it, and send another. That was 2 weeks ago.....still no check.....

So.....anyone else have any issues with Horus? Are they just this slow and non-engaged with their business, or am I getting the shaft and they are holding out and trying to not refund my money? A Horus Falcon certainly isnt US optic money, but its not cheap, and Im over 1000.00 bucks in the hole, and I dont even have a scope to show for it!!

Any responses are much appreciated, Im seriously concerned, and certainly dont want anyone else in the same situation as me. I've dealt with many optics comapnies before, and never been this disappointed.


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Dec 26, 2010
You could always contact your CC company and reverse or contest the charge. That is playing hardball but if they are yanking you around this will get there attention.