Hornady A-Max

7mm STW

Sep 23, 2010
Have a 243 shooting hornady A-max 105 grain at 2950 fps. I have shot the gun at distances to 800 yards including 700, 600. I have not been able to get info on JBM or Bergers to match all three moa. So when I get 700 yards on the calculators to hit what I have shot It is high on 600 and 800 up to 2 moa. Any thoughts or do I need to shot at all ranges and build my own drop chart. 14.5 moa at 700. 20 moa at 800. 6 moa at 500 yards.
Been dealing with this myself with my ultramag and it turned out to be a simple fix. My "0" somehow ended up .75 high @ 100. I rezeroed and all data fell into place.
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