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SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady 7mmRM brass


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Feb 23, 2004
I have 350 pieces of Hornady 7mmRM brass for sale. 100 pieces of once fired in a custom GAP rifle and 250 pieces of brand new fully prepped and primed with Fed 215M primer. Would like to sell this local(Apex/Holly Springs/Fuquay Varina area of NC) as I do not want to deprime 250 pieces of brass. I will drive a little to meet up. Looked for prices and it looks like they are about $50/50 new. Would sell all of it for $200 and remember that includes primers. If shipped it would be $230 and no primers. No electronic payment. Check or money order if shipping and cash face to face. PM any questions.
Maybe if you had it boxed like ammo but I don;t have any boxes for them so not taking the chance of them bouncing around and firing off a primer.
If you have shipping wrap you can wrap it up tight in that stuff, home Depot carries it. Once it's wrapped tight in that stuff it's more secure than a regular cardboard box. It's cheap too and can be used for many things.
Just called UPS Hazmat and they said if it has a primer it's a hazmat and you can not ship it without a license. Those companies shipping must have licenses.

So if someone buys the brass to be shipped it will come with no primers.