Hope you have plenty of primers


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Dec 20, 2009
Boise, Idaho
Look like the shortage of federal primers is going to last for a while longer according to federal, at least another 6-12 months more. That really sucks
Yup, i had the same problem, so made the switch to wolf, bought 5,000 of each size, and buy more when i can. Glad i did, found them to be very good primers.
Freebirb63, Federal didn't happen to mention why the shortage...did they?

In fact does anyone have any thoughts on why primers, 300 smks, certain brass and powders are hard to come by? And it's been this way for a while.
Here is the email they sent me today-"We've seen unprecedented demand for ammunition and primers over the past
several years. All of our major trading partners all over the world have
orders on the books and we will be filling orders as product becomes
available. Production and Shipping are currently working 24/7 to try
and keep up with the demand. I've cc'd your local Rep. Ref. Primers-
it could be another 6-12 months. Thanks for your support"

This really does bite. I have noticed that brass for the 300RUM is also hard to come by. Maybe Obama is buying it all up.???
Many primer manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand, because production priority is to the military.

Russian Wolf primers are as good as, maybe better, than some US brands. They are available at Bruno's, PV and others. Even with HAZMAT charges, they are priced reasonably. I switched to them last year when CCI's were hard to find.
Hi Gene, I've heard the military was the reason also. I'm just wondering could the war be using that much ammo...I don't recall primer shortages during Nam and although I have no basis other than an opinion, I would think we were using a whole lot more ammo there...heck for that matter WW2 I would think. I'll admit I was only reloading for 243, 308 and 30-06 but primers were plenty...I'm probably missing something...any thoughts? Thanks.
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Got lucky today, called a local gun shop and they had 6,000 federal 215 primers, was going to buy 2000 but they are only letting you buy 1000 at a time and they have marked the price up by almost half. But still I have 1000 primers. The owner said they are going to get some 215 match primers in a day or so.
The local gun shop marking the price up by half again IMHO is taking advantage unless the gun shop's been hit with a similar increase from the manufacturer....And this is what is concerning me is it just manufacturers inability to keep up with demand or is it a artificial issue manufacturers are on board with to just drive prices up?
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Has anyone went on gunbroker.com and checked out what people are selling primers for there? Seen a guy selling 500 primers for $150 and is probably getting it. Its just like gas prices. If a person needs it they will pay the price.
But with having 1000 I can relax and wait for some of the online vendors to get some. I am reloading for my 300RUM and the two items that are hardest to come by are primers and brass. Bullets and powder no problem. Good thing hunting no around the corner as I might be getting nervous.
$55 for Rem 7.5 a couple of months ago. Seeing Wolf, CCI, Magtech and Remington quite a bit in DFW.

See Varget, R15 just about everywhere.

Only brass I had hard time finding is 8x57 and that is all over now too.

www.bassproshops.com - they don't have much in the Garland store, but the prices aren't bad for what is there.

In Dallas area, try Southwest Ammo Supply in Mesquite or Ray's Sporting Goods in Dallas. Ray's doesn't have much in bullets except for Barnes or brass, but they have a lot of powder. They had about 6 cans of 1lb Varget when I was there. 4 when I left. ;P
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