Hiking axe/bushcrafting knife?

I carry a Wyoming saw and an Outdoor Edge knife with replaceable blades if I might have to cut up and pack a critter. If I'm close to the pickup and don't expect to pack anything, I'll almost always have just a Piranta. I always have plenty of replacement blades for either. I use the gutless method so the saw is mainly for the skull plate.
I carry a nice Gary Little custom knife deer, bear and elk hunting always. I bring a sharpening stone with me as well. I can see the usefulness of a hatchet or something similar but dang I am not packing that sucker with me. I do carry a nice little finger saw that zips right thru bone but weighs a tenth of my knife. I suppose in emergency it would cut wood OK but I havent tried it even tho that is what it was designed for.
What is the name of the finger saw?
Morakniv Garberg Full Tang for me. Have thought about a lightweight hatchet, but the knife can do most everything a hatchet. Have a smaller silky saw for wood round cutting.
Prefer a saw over ax,less weight and less chance for serious injury.Have different saw but if I carry one i just use a cheap bacho because the blade works ok on wood and bone.Not great on either but decent in both.