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    Jan 31, 2013
    Thanks for letting me participate. I am a long time hunter, trapper and worked as a guide for a few years in California, Montana and Wyoming. I now work in the oil field and have recedntly been transferred to North east Colorado for work. I recently got the bug to build a semi-custom, "longi-range" rifle. I chose the remington 5r from alot of reviews and because I wanted something I could use off the bat then add my own touches to as I went. Im going to use as is for awhile, and the biggest problem I have now is choosing a scope. For now I will target shoot just as far as I can, depending on ranges and whats available to me, but dont feel comfortable yet shooting an animal much over 500 yards. I enjoy the Best of the West, Long Range Pursuit and such shows, and admire their ability but Im not there yet. Im married with a little girl and 3 rotten dogs, and love being out and about. My sig is My long time buddie Badger the mutt dog I had before I got married and my caliber of choice the 300 wm. My names Zac and I look forward to chatting with you fellas
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    Hello Zac, and welcome to LRH.
    What part of montana did you guide? As you probably noticed, I'm from montana.
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    Hey Zac,
    Welcome to LRH a lotta good folks here.