Hi from Colorado


Oct 9, 2009
I an new LRH and have been at the hunting game for over 50 years. I became invested in the knowledge of long range exceeding 400 yds in 2008 in preparation for British Columbia Mt Goat hunt...result was a fantastic....Mt Goat at 434 yds 30-06 Nosler 165 partition. My other confirmed LR trophy was a 440 yd shot for a Wyoming Antelope while my boys watch the ole guy shoot . Ruger #1 25-06 117 gr Sierra boattail.
Welcome and glad to have you here. I see you have and used that 30-06, I'm a fan of the 30-06, have one and shot it many times over the years. Good to hear it still survives-brings back memories when I was younger. Lots of good info and folks here with unbelievable knowledge that are willing to assist. Enjoy.:)
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