Henson Aluminum Tip 210 BC


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Aug 2, 2008
Over the last several years, i have become more and more interested in long-range hunting. I mostly hunt mule deer in utah, northern az, colorado and nevada with an occasional old mexico trip. In 2006 i had a custom 300 ultra made with a 1in9 twist in order to shoot heavy long bullets. This year my family shot 3 nice four point bucks at 450,723,and 795 using this gun. It is outfitted with a nightforce 5.5x22x56 and a 28 inch Shilen barrel. I use all the lastest software and kestrel equipmet. I have been shooting jlk's and sierra's over the past with great results. Recently, however, i started to here about the Henson Aluminum Tip Bullets with claims of high BC's. To make a long story short i purchased the .30 cal 210grn and was excited that my 1in9 spun the bullet. So yesterday i decided to put the bullet to the test for long range. i sighted in at 100 yards and set targets at 625 and 875. My elevation here where i shoot in Northern AZ is 5270. yesterday the temp was 50degrees, 90.5grains retumbo, 3100fps, no inclination, bore height 2.4. I put in to the software a BC of 1.00 and shot, calculation at 625 was 8.5 moa. from nightforce software. hits were 1.5 inches high to 2 inches, about a 3 inch group. Then shot 875 calculation of 14.0 moa hits were 1 inch low to 2 inches high about a 6 inch group had a little wind. As far as i see it the BC's are correct. All of this witnessed by a competitive shooter. I would recommend that if you have the correct twist, you better try this bullet, in either 30 cal. or 338 cal. My next test will be expansion on Javelina. I will post my results. I am no expert,but i will tell you that this bullet's BC was right on.


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