help with rings and bases???


Sep 5, 2004
I am thinking about putting burris signature or burris signature zee rings on my new rem 700 ltr. I am really at a loss at this scope mounting stuff and was hoping for some help:

I plan on doing mostly target shooting out to about 700 yards max plus some prairie dog hunting. I generally take good care of my equipment but don't baby anything either.

I am mounting a Leupold Mark 4 PR 4.5x14 40mm obj scope with a 30mm tube.

I plan on keeping the rifle pretty much stock until I practice enough to warrant making a full blown custom job of the rifle--about the time I imagine I'll need a new barrel. That's why I like the idea of the burris rings with their synthetic rings to suck up whatever slop there is in its factory status.

1. Are the burris rings good and, if so, which ones--signature or signature zees.

2. What base?? I want something strong and reliable. I will be doing a lot of prone shooting out to about 700 yards

3. What height rings??

I hope you guys can help as I can't wait to get to the range.
If your only shooting out to 700yds then I personaly don't see any need for a tapered base as your scope has a alot of travel in it

Personaly I don't care for Burris anything as I had a problem with then some time back , BUT if you want the weaver style base and don't want to spend $125+ on a base then get a Ken Farrel base , they are high quality and cost about $65 or so.
As for rings I like Tactical Precision TSR rings , I've found then to be very strait and require minimal lapping , strong to and they run about $60 a pair
I am not a big fan of Burris scopes but I
am a huge fan of the signature ring's either
dual dove tail or the zee . the biggest
problem with most standard mounting systems
is the crappy rear windage screw's,with the
Burris sig.ring's you can make windage or
elevation ajustment's with offset inserts
that hold your scope tighter than conventional
ring's and never leave a mark on your scope.
I have several Rem.700's and have mounted
scopes on countless more and only about 1 out
of 10 have the 4 hole's in a straight line
so with the burris sig.ring's I can make
windage ajustment's with one ring and elevation
ajustment's with the other in a very solid
set-up. If you go dual dovetail you can use
either burris or leupold bases,if you like
the zee you can use any steel weaver type
base you like even ken farrel or nightforce
tapered bases for added elevation (you wont
need it for 700yds.but you might want to go
farther someday) dont do aluminum bases.
It takes longer to mount a scope using the
inserts and doing it right but well worth the
as to question #3 with a 40mm obj. medium
will be fine with either dual dovetail or
got a set of leupold 2 piece baes and burris 30mm signature rings i'm looking to get rid of if you're interested. have them on a 300rum, and i've shot out to 1120yds with that setup with no problems. only reason i'm changing is to put a tapered base so i can get out to 13-1400yds, but other than that, the setup has worked very well for me. dual dovetails is a good setup for the price, and what i recommend to guys looking to get in to the game around here.

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