Help Me!!! Would like a heavy .224 VARMINT BULLET

Sam In Va

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Dec 14, 2002
Central Va.
Need your help ... Talk to Sierra- Adam Braverman... We need a long range varmint bullet 65-80 grns. in .224 for our fast twist .224's
If theres enough positive response we may get it!! Help me help us!!!! Sam in Va

Adam Braverman 1-800-223-8799
email [email protected]
Attn: Adam

Hey Sam in va I kinda asked the same question in the barrel and bullet section under the topic 22 Caliber bullets.

That might help you also. If you could get them the PRL Tungsten ones would be the way to go.

Also welcome to the family.
Catshooter say it isn't so
If thats true I found someone else that does them only in 30 cal if I remember right.
The 75 A-maxes punch holes thru the g-hogs here in Va. @ 200yds. and leaves a 5-6 ft. groove in the ground behind them.
They're super accurate but not a relaible expandable bullet outta my gun. 8 twist 27" Hart chambered for 22-250, and throated long for the a-maxes.
I shot and hit a crow at 425 yds with the a-max and the crow acted starteled then flew away. I was left with my mouth wide open in disbelief!!! 2 witnesses to the hit. Any thoughts? Sam in Va.
Get in touch with Crowmag he shot a crow at 925 yards head shot. Belive he used a 22-250 to do it. Also Tim Behele might be able to help out.
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