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Nov 28, 2012
I am in the process of buying a new rifle & scope and I would like to be good to 500 yards for elk size game.

I never intend to shoot this far but I want to be able to if required. Most shots will be at 100 yards with an occasional 300 yard shot. Currently I have taken only 1 animal over 125 yards - it was 300 yards (elk). I live in Ohio where hunting with a rifle is illegal and ranges over 100 yards are rare. In other words I do not have a big background in rifles. I have been hunting with a .280 remington 700bdl and a remington 7600 30-06 (pump). I am looking to upgrade, mostly for bigger game, and the newer scopes/turrets etc interest me too.

I am currently looking at a tikka T3 stainless steel & synthetic stock in 300 winchester mag. This will be for all around hunting big game, mostly elk with occasional Alaskan moose, brown bear and bison. I would like a light gun when finished for fly in trips where weight is a big factor.

I plan to tame it with a good limbsaver recoil pad, install new quaility rings and get the trigger set at a preffered trigger weight for me.

1. The "short" name for this cartridge is 300wsm right?

2. Any suggestions so far?

3. Do I need a gunsmith to adjust the trigger or can I DIY?

4. I am considering adding a muzzle break, but it must be removable - if I add it - ideas? This can be added later.

I want to have a rifle I can use for 40 years and easily get ammo/parts for.

Thanks DonV Ohio

PS you may have seen me on bowsite & monster mulies under the same screen name.
My next step will be to figure out what rings/base to get and then what scope, but I will save this for a new post later.
I'm in Ohio too. Half way between Dayton and Cincinnati. I recommend a gunsmith do your trigger. Unless you've done many before. The muzzle brake can come off any time. They are screwed on. You can get a cap made to change it out. For an all around rifle, the 300 Win Mag is an excellent choice. The 300 WSM is a non-belted short fat version. Also a good choice but not as powerful as the good old win mag. I highly recommend Talley integral one piece ring/bases.
Go with Tikka T3 stainless 300 WSM
adjust trigger yourself per enclosed instructions
Put good bases and rings and optics and watch em drop
Go with Tikka T3 stainless 300 WSM
adjust trigger yourself per enclosed instructions
Put good bases and rings and optics and watch em drop

I agree the trigger adjustment is quite simple, I have a T3 lite in same cal. 300wsm I don't think you will need a brake. I can shoot mine several times at one sitting without brake and have never been uncomfortable. Good choice.

1. My mistake, I want the most popular 300 mag, which is the 300 win mag RIGHT????

2. Is the stainless steel T3 antiglare?

3. I also see a fluted barrel for a whole lot more (only saves 0.18 pounds) any good reason to get the fluted barrel (are there any other upgrades along with it)? Not sure if I said but right now I am looking at the Lite stainless righ now.

4. I hear the stock that comes with it (synthetic) sucks - true?

I live 15 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport, just south - near Medina County.
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Go on tikas web site and look at this. I have this same rifle in 308. Yes the stainless is (anti glare).

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