Help me build my .340 Weatherby Accumark


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Sep 19, 2012
Hello all. I am brand new to the site. Great information you guys have here!! Anywho.... I just purchased a .340 Weatherby Accumark, and have not touched it yet. I am mainly going to use this for Elk hunting, and wanted an effective 600yd gun with alot of Ft/lbs on impact. I found a really good deal on a new one, and bit the bullet. Now I am wanting a long range scope to place on it. I have been looking at a Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 Illuminated FFP. I don't know much about scopes at all, but have been told I want a FFP not a SFP. I have heard good things and bad things abou tthe Viper, but that scope if around my budget. Will it take the beating of the .340? Last thing I want is to shoot it a few times, knock it off, and then miss an elk. I would also like an illuminated scope, as I have never had one. Me and my Dad are going on this trip together, and want to make sure I have all I need to make a great memory ( it will be a blast, but it will be icing on the cake if I can take a bull). How would you outfit this gun? Scope....Mounts....Strap.....Bipod type (if any). I got it to come with an Accubrake, so hopefully that will take some of the recoil out. Also, what shell would you go with? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!
Have you ever used an FFP reticle before? If not, realize that you will have to learn a new system. If the elk hunt is for this fall that doesn't give you a lot of time. And you say "you've been told" you should get one. No offense, but I'd highly recommend looing into the benefits and drawbacks of FFP vs SFP and making the decision yourself.

Do you currently have a rifle with turrets that you use? Or do you prefer a BDC style reticle?

I once thought the illuminated reticle would be cool too, but having read about how they can actually be a detriment in low light I no longer see the need for one.

And, what is your budget?

As the owner of several Weatherbys I'd recommend:

1) swapping your trigger spring and adjusting the trigger pull down if you feel comfortable doing that: Weatherby Rifles Forum - How to MOD your MK V Trigger.
You will need a trigger pull gauge and some mechanical ability, else buy the spring and let your gunsmith do it.

2) best mounts are from Near Manufacturing: Near Manufacturing - Rifle Scope Bases
If that's too much money then consider Talley rings and bases. Talley Manufacturing, Inc., Quality Scope Rings & Mounts

3) my absolute favorite sling:

4) Harris bipod that pivots in your favorite length: Harris Bipods - HBLS Bipod

Unfortunately you will probably have to purchase a couple of boxes of ammo and see what your rifle likes best. I'd look at the 225 Barnes and 250 Partition: .340 Weatherby Magnum | Cartridges | Ammunition | Products |

Have fun with your 340!
The .340 Wby was the forst chambering that I spent my own hard earned cash on. I sold it to my Dad and am still trying to buy it back.
The Accumark is as good as a factory rifle gets IMO and the .340 WBY is one the short list of my favorite chambering.

I would go ahead and buy a Viper without hesitation... I have one and love it. I have a PST model, and my brother-in-law has the fort gen viper. His sits on his 300 ultra and has never budged, its even seen some rough use.

IF you are a number cruching tinkerer like myself and pretty good with math, get a 4-16X44 FFP with the MAO reticule and you'll have alot of fun learning to use it as a tool. The great thing is you can also use the SFP PSTs like a FFP if your fast with math, as they have stops on the magnification selector ring that gives you a value for your reticule.
IF you are straight shooter, to the point, dont mess around, the simpler the better-just get it done right, stick to the KISS rule (keep it simple stupid) and go for a BDC reticule and save yourself some $$. 600 yards isnt that far and a BDC will work just fine.

Long story short, FFP with a MOA or MILL reticule can be a ton of fun if you like learn. If you want it simple, grab and go-BDC.

The HS Viper has a model with a decent BDC.

Alot of guys also buy Nikon as a cost effective scope.

Last, I find 6-24 or whatever way too much magnifacation for the ranges your talking. I do 800 yards on 10X with a .243 win (not one big game obviously).
If you dont want to sell your first born for rings, a good route is the Burris PRW (i think, there tactical model anyways) or my favorite cheap rings are Warne. Lapp the Warne and they will do you very well.

Harris, Atlas and Versa-Pod are all very good. I like Bi-pods, but I find myself taking mine off all the time for hiking so make sure that yours can come off fast.
Welcome to the world of the love/hate relationship with the 340.

1. Get a timney trigger installed.
2. Bed the recoil lug.
3. Zeiss conquest 4.4 x 14 rapid z 600 or 800 reticle.
4. Ditto on the talley rings/mounts.
5. Appropriate the drug valium however you can come by it. You'll need it when you try and figure out what bullet and load she likes........................

I've shot a 340 Wby Mk 5 a lot for ballistics work. Great gun. A brake is mandatory for shooting prone or at a bench. I shot 20+ rounds in one day prone and regretted it for a week. I will be adding a brake to the one I use for work.

I also like Warne steel rings. They take while to lap, but they're worth it.

I like the Harris S25 bipod for a sitting position on flat terrain. The Shooters Ridge pivot is essentially the same, but cheaper. For shooting from a sitting position on a hillside, I like the Bog Gear bipod.

I also recommend the Gunslinger rifle holster for hiking with a rifle, especially a heavy one like a Mk 5. Once you try it , you won't go back to using a sling to carry a rifle any distance.

The 225 gr Barnes TSX and TTSX are both great bullets. I guess I would go with the TTSX for 600 yds. The flat base TSX may be more accurate, though.
The .340 wby would be my top 5 favorite elk rounds of all time, however it is taking a back seat to other modern non-radiused, non belted rounds. Weatherby is notorious for freebored barrels, meaning the bullet must travel some distance before getting to the rifling. Several ways to get the gun to shoot better include lengthening the COL to maximum magazine dimensions (if freebore is there), and make sure your loaded rounds are concentric. I never had an issue getting mine to shoot under an inch at 100 yards with a good bed job and a hollands QD muzzle break...was a pleasure to shoot as well.

I don't know how far along you are on your rifle but thought I should speak out AGAINST your scope of choice, the Vortex Viper PST 6x24x50 Illuminated FFP. I know a lot of people here like Vortex scopes & dollar-for-dollar they seem to be a good buy. My concern is going elk hunting with a minimum magnification of 6x. Although I have always gone elk hunting prepared for L-O-N-G shots, I've most often been presented with close shots, between 9 and 25 yards. Up close & personal a 6x scope takes too long to get on target so I recommend a minimum magnification of 4x OR LESS. I know a lot of elk hunters who hunt with 1.5-6x scopes for this very reason. (My next elk scope will be a Leupold 3-18x50 illuminated B&C.)

I wish you luck! You are 3-steps ahead of most since you are asking experienced people for advice. May the gods of elk hunting grant you success!
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