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Jan 5, 2019
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Original: Savage Model 110 7mm Rem Mag.... Attempting to install Shilen Barrel chambered in 300 PRC

It has been hell getting all of my components together, but I finally have my barrel, action and headspace gauges sitting on my workbench. This will be the 2nd barrel that I will be installing on a receiver. However, I cannot get the barrel to screw into the receiver more than a quarter to half turn or so. I do not believe it is the small/large shank problem because I cannot get the OLD barrel to screw in any further. I only have the gauges for a few days, what do I need to do? I have tried wire brushing the threads but I don't want to get too rough with anything.

Thanks in Advance for the Help!

I'd definitely lean toward action screw or maybe a scope mount screw. line up the threads on the old barrel with the new barrel to check and make sure they're the same, they should mesh together smoothly.
If the old barrel screwed off, check the threads and see if you damaged them.

The action screw does not protrude into the tenon.

A scope base screw is to long, you oblongated the receiver, or you damaged the tenon threads removing the old barrel. If it was just the new barrel, I would say over sized threads but since the old barrel won't thread its one of the above.
Shot in the dark by any chance the action wrench clamped around the action?.....if it is relax the two clamp bolts a tad. These wrenches will distort the receiver enough to not allow barrel to thread in or out by hand.
Also check the front scope base mount hole for any burrs in the receiver threads.

That did it! That being relieving some pressure on the action wrench. Awesome advice, thank you so much everyone! Have a great November!

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