300 prc

  1. Stangs55

    3D Printing a Better Ammo Box

    So I've wanted an excuse to buy a 3D printer for a while simply to make this. Finally took the plunge and picked one up. Coming into this, I knew zero about CAD design or 3D printing...so it's been alot of YouTube but I finally made a thing. Be gentle...I had no idea what I was doing and had to...
  2. BornLifted

    SOLD/EXPIRED ***PRICE CUT***Proof Research 300 PRC barrel

    Good Day Hunters Looking to sell a new unfired Proof Research 300 PRC prefit Barrel. It was screwed on an action but never fired. If shipped it will come with a muzzle device to protect threads. Info as follows- Proof Research Zermatt Arms Carbon Fiber Pre-fit Barrels, 300 PRC, 24in, TL3/SR3...
  3. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof cf 300 PRC Defiance Prefit - 24” - 1:9 tw

    $800 shipped... Proof carbon fiber prefit barrel ... Sendero contour ... 24” length ... 1:9 twist ... fits Ruckus, Anti (X), and Tenacity actions ... this barrel had 10 (ten) rounds through it before being cleaned and stored. Reason for selling is I changed directions on a new rifle build...
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 1 box new Lapua 300 PRC brass

    For sale is one box of Lapua 300 PRC brass. New and unopened. I originally bought it cause it was all I could find, then was able to find some ADG. $175 shipped. I can do Paypal F&F, Venmo, USPS MO, check, etc.
  5. 360Precision

    300 PRC Rifle, MDT ACC Chassis, Curtis Helix Long Action

    Chassis MDT – ACC Chassis (Custom Cerakote Black & Red) includes Standard SRS-X Elite Buttstock MDT – Vertical Grip MDT – Interior forend weight kit MDT – exterior M-Lok weights (2 pair) MDT – Buttstock weight Action & Trigger Curtis Helix Long Action Triggertech Diamond Flat Trigger Barrel...
  6. M

    Redding 300PRC deluxe die set

    For sale or open to trades for 215gr or 230gr hybrid targets. It’s really a Redding 84776 deluxe die set but the box was from a new type s die. This comes with the neck, full length and seating die. Decapping plug is burred up from a stuck case as you can see in the pictures. The seating die is...
  7. huntinghuasna

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 PRC Match Grade Dies

    Son-in-law purchased these dies for his new 300 PRC. The bullet seating die is too tall for my Forster press, Redding die's in route. $60 shipped, prefer check or Venmo.
  8. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 2 boxes ADG 300 PRC

    These were originally listed as trade-bait, but thanks to a kind member on here, that need has been satisfied. Brand-new, and unopened. $260 shipped. Paypal FF, Venmo, USPS MO, and maybe other options too.
  9. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 PRC brass ADG or Lapua

    Looking for 100 pieces of new 300 PRC brass. Will pay whatever you think it’s worth or I have a lot of other components I could trade. Let me know, thanks guys
  10. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB 300 prc brass

    Would like to buy 300 prc brass
  11. Can2Juan

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 PRC precision hunters wts/wtt

    4 Boxes of 300 prc precision hunters in the same lot. Really would like to trade straight up for 300 wsm precision hunters. I am going to try to get the trade before I will sell, unless someone sees them online available somewhere. Cash sell is $335.00 to your house. Thanks , Can2
  12. jshepherd61

    For long range hunting only! We don’t discuss match components!

    Ok not trying to be a jerk, I shoot matches also, but since it’s getting close to hunting season and this is a ELR site. Let’s discuss Magnum calibers and hunting components you plan to use. I know there must be people settling on components that they can find VS what they normally use! I know I...
  13. D

    New mountain rifle

    Just got the suppressor which finishes out my new mountain build. American Rifle Company Mausingfield in 300PRC with a 20in proof barrel (because modern magnums don't need to be really long), a triggertech special, in a ARC Xylo chassis, and a SiCo Omega 36M so I don't disturb the survivors...
  14. K

    300 PRC AMMO

    300 PRC 212 ELD-X 20 Boxes Available $70 a box shipped 602-920-8060
  15. Blaster01

    300 PRC ti barreled action- $2400

    Selling for a buddy. OMR carbon barreled action. 26 inch 8 twist barrel chambered in 300 prc. It’s an omr titanium action built by pierce engineering and an omr brake. Cerakote is still in almost new condition. Will come with 50 new pieces of Lapua brass. Has 56 shots down the tube for break in...
  16. Andrew Kopman

    300 PRC once fired Hornady Brass, 65 pieces

    I have 65 empty once fired Hornady Cases for a 300 PRC. Just resize, prep, and load. asking $125 OBO. on Gun broker once fired Hornady 300 PRC brass is going for over $3.00 a case. if your in the lower 48 I will ship free. Alaska and Hawaii I will have to charge shipping, or anywhere else...
  17. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 prc eldx ammo

    300 PRC 212 ELDX. I found 3 more boxes and can’t find the action and barrel I want now so I’ve decided to sell the ammo and just wait. I paid 74.99 per box plus tax. Came out to $82.04 a box . $680 + actual shipping. That’s $85 a box. I don’t think that’s to much for me to ask on top of what I...
  18. ddman


    I found a case of 300 PRC 212 ELDX. I only need 100 rounds but the guy wouldn’t split up the case. I paid 74.99 per box plus tax. Came out to $82.04 a box ( 9.4% tax 🤯). I’m just trying to recoup some of my money and help anyone else out that can’t find any like me. $425 + actual shipping...
  19. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 6.5 PRC Brass for ADG 300 PRC

    I’m looking to trade 100 new Gunwerks or ADG 6.5 PRC Brass for 100 new ADG 300 PRC brass. Will not sell, trade only. Thanks for looking.
  20. BlazerBeam

    WTT 300 PRC ammo for .308 or .284 bullets

    I have quite a few boxes of 300 PRC 225 eldm factory ammo. I’m looking to trade some for some 30 cal bullets. Preferably 200 gr accubonds, maybe 210 ABLRs or 212/220 eld x. Also pretty interested in trying some hammer or cutting edge if someone would be willing to part with some. Looking to get...