300 prc rifle build

  1. D

    300 prc perfect throat length??

    I got a question for the experienced smiths on here bout the newish 300 prc throat dimensions. SAMMI calls for .233 freebore but inwas wondering if anyone has found a better length. My smith is wanting to get the correct reamer. Most likely I'll be running between 210-230 grain pills. It's a...
  2. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Extend PROMO

    we made a mistake that made our Promo Code limited to a small handful of people. This means the “THANKYOU” 10% off promo will be extended until this Friday! On everything store wide, This includes our Packlite Rifles, Oryx Rifle, And Rem Packs. (This is the biggest discount we will offer this...
  3. C

    HELP! Barrel will not screw into reciever!!

    LRH Members, Original: Savage Model 110 7mm Rem Mag.... Attempting to install Shilen Barrel chambered in 300 PRC It has been hell getting all of my components together, but I finally have my barrel, action and headspace gauges sitting on my workbench. This will be the 2nd barrel that I will...

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